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    I haven't done one of these in ages and probably few will know what I am talking about anyway. When I was a regular on here I would post silly stories about things my difficult child did. It really helped relieve the stress for me too and turn things was my way of surviving...

    Anyway here is Nate a 13 year old..will be 14 in December by the way...he is taking a shower then when done starts hollering for me...hasn't done that in a long time. So I go to the bathroom door and ask what...he asks me what that lotion is for. Which I thought was strange because I have put lotion on him before but its been years because he claimed it apparently he forgot? Don't know. Anyway I said its for dry skin. He goes, it makes your skin dry?! With a surprised sound in his voice. lol. I said helps dry skin. So then he ask how it helps. to explain this. So I said, it soaks in the skin and makes it not dry anymore. lol. Then he asks..does it help rough skin? And I said yes..then he says he might try it. Well thank goodness, I am thinking! Cause this kid would not use lotion forever..not on sunburns, not on obviously horribly dry skin...he was convinced it would hurt or sting or something so would just suffer rather then use it.

    I am sitting there thinking how can a 13 year old not know what lotion is for...mmmmmm...he still comes up with them...

    But now hopefull with less dry
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    He sounds like my son. I'm continually amazed at the things he doesn't know. Often, things like that where I wonder, how did you not get this????
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    That's priceless. ROFL. :D:tongue: