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    I know I posted about the awkward family photo website a while back. I visited the site and now they have pet photos!

    Much as we all adore our little furpeople, I thought we might enjoy these. I haven't see all of them, but I would guess that the Spit Warning is appropriate.

    Or Spitz Warning?:groan:

    Anyway, I know a lot of us are pretty stressed, so .....

    I hope these bring you at least a smile, and maybe even something to chuckle about or to get a difficult child to chuckle about.

    gcvmom - girl in pcture 2nd from bottom of page 3 is a kindred spirit!
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  2. flutterby

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    OMG! The horse with the BRA over it's eyes!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    One of the little girl eating the dog's food reminds me of a cousin. She had super shiny hair as a toddler and I remember asking how they got it so shiny because Wiz and Jess never had hair that shiny (aunt and I had kids with-in a year of each other) no matter what I wshed it with.

    My aunt told me it was because they gave up keeping her out of the Science Diet. She had 3 or 4 cats and my cousin would have a tantrum when they pulled her away from the cat food. (The pediatrician was NOT thrilled with this, but did admit it was hilarious).

    It lasted about 4 months and then one of the cats had to switch to special food and they changed all of them because that cat was a huge pig (and 17 pounds though he was NOT a tall cat - just obese). Apparently it really was the cat food that made her hair so shiny because her hair was never that soft and shiny again.
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    LOL! I used to eat Milkbones with the dog when I was little. Always said it might have something to do with me growing up to be such a B.
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    Is that what does it?? My mom and bro both ate milkbones when we had a dog. The dog used to cry because gfgbro would eat them all, lol.