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    Another blatant granny brag, but I thought this was so funny! And this was the second time he has done this!

    They took him out of town to visit his great-grandma again last weekend. He loves being the center of all that attention. Here he is in his Hawaiian flowerdy shirt, entertaining his adoring circle of relatives who are all competing to see who could make him laugh the hardest. He was five months old yesterday - Mr. Wonderful, the life of the party, everybody's favorite kid, the original little good-time guy!

    He was having a fantastic time, enjoying himself to the hilt ... until SHE showed up and ruined it all ...

    ... the evil COUSIN! The rival baby who deliberately comes in to steal his spotlight and destract his adoring audience who, by rights, should be paying complete attention to HIM! She's pure evil, this one! She's two weeks older. And she shows off! She's learning how to crawl, and shamelessly shows off her abilities in a deliberate attempt to make HIM look bad! And she's a GUUUUURL!!! Yuk!

    Ethan HATES her! As soon as she shows up, he gets so mad he screams and cries till his face turns purple! He will have nothing to do with her! He refuses to even look at her! And she loves Ethan and seems fascinated by him! She makes soft little noises at him and keeps touching his face trying to engage him. Ain't gonna work, kid! And the minute her parents take her and leave, he's right back to his giggling, jovial little self! Who would think that they could feel such intense jealousy at just five months old! They will be together often and I have a feeling that in a year or two those family get-togethers are going to get very interesting!
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    It sounds like it Donna.
  3. Suz

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    Too funny!

    What beautiful redheads they are! Donna, I've always pictured you as a blonde- do you have red hair, too?

  4. donna723

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    Ha! No ... my hair color now is Nice 'N Easy #117! Wonder if I can put that on my drivers license? :tongue: I have a ton of red haired relatives though. My hair was always a very dark brown till it started going gray, when I first started coloring it. I think if I let it grow out now, it would be practically WHITE!

    Both of my kids though were blonde, one with green eyes and one with blue/gray eyes. My son still has dark blond hair. My daughter (Ethan's mom) is the one with the green eyes and her hair now is a medium brown that sun bleaches much lighter in the summer. Ethan's dad has dark hair now but was blond as a kid too, so we think he will end up blond, with his daddy's blue eyes. He was born with dark hair but he's going through that 'transition' stage now where the dark hair is coming out and what's coming in is sort of a dark blond.
  5. Star*

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    Well I guess for the first time in my life - I'm prejudice.....

    I still think my GREAT Nephew is a MODEL (ahem) citizen....and the evil newcomer.....with her little Cindy-Lou-Who hairdoo and big blue eyes...while simply an attention seeking child. :surprise:
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    He's a Gerber baby if I ever saw one. Too cute!
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    What a cutie - both of them! It is so cool to see their personalities are so strong even at such a young age.

    To hear the way she tries to engage him is so sweet, even though he doesn't like it now.

    Enjoy them!
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    They are both just gorgeous!