Funny's from Animal Cop Jamie!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Since things have been hectic around here lately and Jamie decided to call me today because he was bored and wanted to tell me some funny stories, I decided I would pass along his funny anecdotes.

    First one isnt so funny except in the way he told it. He got his first dog bite in the almost three years he has been doing this job. He was bit by a 20 pound pitbull last week. He is fine. Just got a decent bite but will be ok. It all happened just like you see on Animal Cops. They got a call about wild dogs at a run down trailer. He gets there and they have two pitbulls on a back deck with no steps. Lovely. He works alone. All the neighbors are gathered around watching this. He grabs his pole and jumps up to try and grab one dog by hanging onto the deck and snaring the dog. He gets the dog, but the other dog bites the arm hanging onto the deck! ARGH! He pulls the one dog over the deck, swings the other dog off him back onto the deck and puts the dog into his truck. Goes back and gets the other dog. Crowd

    Owners are no where to be found of course. Summons is stuck on the door and this case will definitely be going to court. LOL.

    Now this next story is really funny. Jamie is allowed to make traffic stops and to help in traffic stops but it is very rare that this occurs. Normally it only occurs if there is an animal involved.

    Yesterday Jamie was again...bored. He was driving around looking and waiting for a call. He spotted a cop making a traffic stop with what appeared to be an elderly man who was being very beligerent. Remember the video of the elderly grandma who was tazered? Well this was almost another of those cases. Jamie saw the cop had his tazer out and the elderly man was swinging his arms and yelling. Jamie pulled over with his lights flashing.

    This old man was extremely intoxicated, beligerent and downright nasty. He was cussing out both Jamie and the cop for ever MF, SOB, and other cussword you can think of. He refused to follow any instruction. He blew a .26 on the breathalizer and they found a fifth of liquor in his car and a cup with a lid and straw that smelled of whiskey. The man was 81!

    I have to admit...the man called Jamie a MFer and Jamie laughed at him and told him to get in the car. He said I dont have to get in the car...I wont get in the car you SOB. Jamie said...oh you will get in the car because that cop is gonna pull you in the car if you dont get in on your own. Guy said oh no he wont! Jamie will see you MFer! Then Jamie told the cop to pull him in. Guy cant talk to me like that, your a cop. Jamie said, no Im not a cop, Im a dog catcher and I just caught me a dog! LOL.
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    Some of those old people can get quite nasty! I know, used to have to deal with quite a few when I was younger and my job required it.

    So, did he get in the car, or did he have to be "assisted" in?
  3. DammitJanet

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    He was assisted in.

    Really, this could have ended up as badly as that video that was shown all over the networks about that tazered grandma because this man was so out of control and refusing to obey a single cop on the side of the road. Cop would have had every right to taze the guy, mace him or hurt him while attempting to put him in cuffs. Cop was really trying valiantly to talk this man down. Jamie said he could see the look of pure relief when the cop saw help

    Jamie is now thinking of applying to be a cop. He said that was fun! LOL.
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    Jamie sounds like he has a very good sense of humor...wonder where he gets that! wink.

    Sorry to hear he got bit by the pit bull last week.
    I have been bitten twice in my life. Once by a Doberman, who literally "smelled my fear" and attacked me totally unprovoked. The other was a neighbors Chiwawa that came around into our yard and bit me then ran back to it's own yard...crazy dog!

    I'm not afraid of lil dogs but BOY those pit bulls and dobermans still frighten me to be around. Don't much care to be around Chow's either.

    Jamie must be pretty brave...dealing with "all sorts" of wild out of control "dogs" lol. Elderly man included.

  5. DammitJanet

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    Jamie deals with all kinds of animals. Snakes, possums, raccoons, bats, dogs, cats, iguanas, just about anything you can think of that could get away or get into someone's house, he finds.
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    Whatever they call those poles with the loop on the end that they use to catch dogs ... they should be able to use them on some people too!

    And some of those Chihuahuas are just downright nasty little critters! Many of them are OK with their owners but are real aggressive little ankle-biters with everyone else! My former (thank God!) boss had one and he was completely untrained and undisciplined and wasn't the most well-bred example of the breed either. She lived in one of the staff houses at the prison and even our crew of inmate maintenance workers refused to go in that house unless he was in his crate! More than one of them had his teeth marks in their ankles and on the backs of their legs! And I once had a vet tell me that he had been bitten more times by poodles than any other breed! They tend to get cataracts very early and when their eyesight goes, they sometimes bite first and ask questions later!
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    Sounds like Jamie can be amused by almost anything - an excellent quality in a person, esp in a high stress job.
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    I love his sense of humor!
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Tell Jamie I said - TECHNICALLY - he caught him a Jack***.....but it was too far to go to get the horse trailer.

    What a sense of humor. :tongue: - he gets it from his MOTHER!!!!!:laugh: I think she's had to put a few head and looks up, around) kids - yeah KIDS in the car a few times too. ;)