Future Debt Collector

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Andy

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    I was cleaning this morning and came across an envelope with my name on it. It was a "collection notice" from difficult child:

    A sheet of paper folded with "(difficult child's nam) rent and buy company" on it:

    In his handwritting:

    Mrs. (my name) you owe me money

    1 week school 1.00
    1 week school 1.00
    1 week school 1.00
    1 week school 1.00
    1 week school 1.00
    1,100 points 11.00
    I did something 5.00
    All to cather 21.00

    If you dont pay me in a month it will double

    (His legal 1st name and middle initial)

    Looks like a making of a future debt collector!
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Now the important question.........Did you tell him you'd give him money for those things, or is this all his idea?? lol

    I just had Nichole call me and ask how much I'd pay her to wash those dishes from Thanksgiving. :rofl: I've caught some darn virus and am not really up to tackling them today. I offered 20.00. (they're really stacked up) We'll see if she takes the offer.

    This sort of thing always tickles me. :rofl:
  3. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    This would have been from last year when I was paying him to get through school and for a few things on his list of optional chores to earn money.

    I have a very cute baby picture of him dressed up in a business suite sitting in a briefcase. He truly has a soul for business. His dad is a bank examiner and that is what he wants to do also. At one point he had other plans but was going to use the examiner job as a back up if the other plans didn't work out.
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    That's cute! Mine used to do that too and they were serious! When they started in on how much I owed them, I would tell then that I would deduct it from what they owed me ... starting with the doctor and hospital bills from when they were born, all those thousands of diapers, their age X 365 X 3 at so much per meal. Shut them up pretty quick!
  5. Steely

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    OMG, that is funny!!!!

    At least he is learning how the real world works???? Give, take???? Work, money???????????

    Hopefully he will not take to the difficult child level of demanding. Geesh. These kids.
  6. Marguerite

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    I do hope you keep that piece of paper. It will come in SOOOO handy at his 21st!

    I remember a story like this being told at Sunday School.

    A kid had noticed that his dad went out to work and got a wage; his dad had said people grow up, they go to work, they do work for other people, they get paid for that work, and they use that pay to buy things they need. Well, the boy thought. I need a new pocket knife, I need some string, I need to buy a hammer and some nails to fix my cubby house. I do work, I should get paid.
    So he thought about all that he did in chores and made a list.

    "Making my bed - $0.50
    Raking the leaves - $2.00
    Mowing the lawn - $2.00
    Weeding the garden - $5.00 (the garden was VERY overgrown!)
    Altogether - $9.50. Let's make it $9."

    He put the note under his mother's placemat at the dinner table, and waited.

    Next day there was a note under his placemat. it was from his mother.

    "Washing your clothes - $0.00.
    Mending your clothes when you tear them climbing trees - $0.00.
    Cooking your meals - $0.00.
    Buying your new clothes - $0.00.
    Worrying about you, loving you, going to see teachers about you, praying for you - $0.00.
    Total amount owning - it can never be repaid. I love you and the debt is remitted in full."

    It's along similar lines, Donna. And I do think it never hurts to remind kids of a bit of relativity, when it's appropriate.