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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. klmno

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    My *^%ing doesn't work . I'm trying to call 911. I had my phone in my pocket and as I was trying to defend myself from "guess who", some buttons were hit on the phone that made it dial someone's number. I have checked phone plug- it was unplugged and I have plugged it back in. The phone sounds like an open line- no dial tone.

    So please, as an FYI, if your number ever rings (not that it would be me) and no one is on the other end- please hang up the phone so that person can get a connection- they might be trying to get 911.
  2. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    Now he just yelled to me from upstairs that he'll go to psychiatric hospital- but he won't go now- he'll go later tonight.

    Fiine- but why can't I get a freaking dialtone?
  3. tiredmommy

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    Ugh... stay safe! I hope you get through quickly. Worst case... pm me with your telephone, address etc and I can try to call 911 for you.
  4. everywoman

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    Go to a neighbor. Call now. Or pm someone and we will call.
  5. klmno

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    Oh he's fine now- held in a knife in my face to get my cigs and lighter, which ultimately I gave to him. Then tried to call 911. But,,,here we are.

    Apparently the sd and judge don't have the same view of "emergency" that I do. Then they will sit and criticize psychiatric hospital for not having same definition of acute as everyone else in the flipping world. I ask sd for an emergency request to county team. It might take a month- and that's only a possibleitity.

    I put in a motion to judge yesterday for an emergency hearing to get to the county team due to difficult child's mental instability. No word about that today.

    What the freak is the matter with these people? If I survive this, I can't begin to tell you the letters and documentation I will be sending out to every person imaginable.
  6. klmno

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    Never mind- I found another plug- it was to the modem. I don't know if I'm crazy about digital phone lines that require all services to go through one modem anymore.

    Thanks for the offers- if I can get thru the weekend and I don't hear anything from court on Mon., I might just be calling somebody and saying come and get him. And no, I'm might not be willing to spend all night going through carp to get him in psychiatric hospital for 4 days then discharged. And you would think somebody is this town would see that there is a lot between juvy prison and vacation in Fl- just like you would think some people in the know might wake up and realize that there's a lot between meeting psychiatric hospital's definition of acute and stability that can be maintained with, at most, 15 mins psychiatrist appts monthly and 45 min therapist appts weekly or biweekly.

    And I apologize for this vent on the WC.
  7. Shari

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    Vent away. Wherever you like.

    Please stay safe.
  8. donna723

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    I'm really worried about you!

    Is that the only phone you have? I'd hate to have to be contending with electronics and figuring out what is or isn't conected to what in an emergency! Do you have a cell phone? If not, you could get one very reasonably to keep with you if you need it. You can get a little Trac phone like mine for around $15 and a card good for 60 minutes of airtime is $19.95.

    Please stay safe.
  9. ML

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    Please post today, KLMNO. I too am worried about you. Love you, ML
  10. klmno

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    I'm fine- I'm thinking of asking psychiatrist on Mon if there's any room in difficult child's therapuetic range to go up on lithobid- this is the only thing that's ever helped. Depakote really has never done anything for mania or aggression or raging. There are other things we'll be discussing- as some of you know already, I'm working on getting more serious help, very soon.

    Thanks for asking.

    I found a note on the bottom of the stairway as I was on my way to bed last night. It said "I will go to *psychiatric hospital* I go later". If I'm off for hours on end today, I guess that's where we will be.
  11. DammitJanet

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    Now I am really mad at T mobile right now but you can get a prepaid phone through them real cheap and you are in the middle of really good coverage there.

    Now as for little Mr Smarty pants, call his bluff now please. I know he has charges against him now but let him serve his time while a juvenile and maybe he will learn. He is very violent right now and you dont want him to do something even worse. Let him go now for what he has done so far.
  12. klmno

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    I already have a request in for an emergency hearing- shooting for county team, looking at Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I'm trying to make it thru the weekend without shifting gears since I should know Mon, at latest Tues., about hearing outcome.

    I remembered something about the phone, so that isn't an issue- I just didn't remember it last night because I was livid. But, if I do have to make any late night calls to 911 tonight Occupational Therapist (OT) tomorrow, chances are it will be just saying "take him". I'm trying to hold on though. But, if he tells me he needs or wants to go to psychiatric hospital, I will take him. Whether just manipulating or not, I won't refuse help when he asks for it.

    Don't get me wrong though, I'm still pretty livid at him. And I would be handling things differently if I hadn't put that request in Thurs. so I'm trying to look at it like I have to just wait for this process- I just wish they would speed it up a little.
  13. donna723

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    I am SO concerned about you! You are in REAL danger the way things are now. What if you couldn't get to the phone, or what if he unplugged it ... you really need a little cell phone that you could keep in your pocket at all times, just in case ...
  14. ML

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    Please keep contact with us throughout the weekend. Love, ML
  15. Steely

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    You know I am really concerned as well. You know I also have been through this exact same thing with difficult child. He tried to physically bully me into getting his own way when he was medically unstable many times. It is frightening, and the more it happens, the more this becomes ingrained in their head as a coping mechanism, a horrible, dangerous, coping mechanism.

    Hey PM me, I have some ideas after all the research I have done to help get a placement for Matt. I will be here all day today.

    Hang in there. We love you.
  16. klmno

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    Thank you Ladies- really though, about the phone- look at my last thread on WC about phones- I had forgotton about that last night.

    Steely- what you described re M is exactly what I think has happened here. Now, it has gotten better (the agression part)- much better since lowering depakote, but, the rapid cycling is still going on. I think last night was a prime example of what you described. My therapist, who I saw last week, said he's headed for Residential Treatment Center (RTC)- and not Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for CD, because they will all have behavior modification, but she said I need to make sure he gets into one with a daily psychiatrist and therapist on board. This way, he'd get both medication adjustments, therapy, and behavior modification, but if we just proceed with the behavior portion, he'd never get the other straightened out. Plus, she said at his age, this would help get him in a place where kids had some issues like him. This was only me second visit to her, but I think she's right.

    I'm on and off the board sporadically right now - but feel free to pm me with any thoughts or suggestions, Steely!!