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    Without going into detail because I'm too angry to type it all out and revisit it, I had a TERRIBLE morning with this child and I don't have anywhere else to electronically scream. I can't physically scream because I'll wake the rest of the household. I can't post on FB because all my ****ing relatives and friends are convinced that husband and I are making up things about our child and things couldn't possibly be that bad. WRONG. It's that bad, he is the ****ing devil spawn and I want him OUT OF MY HOUSE. NOW. And we have 5+ years until that happens...... :sad-very: fml
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    Vent away! I have felt and said the exact same thing that you have just said. While I can't say that "we all have felt that way", I do know how frustrating it can be to be the parent of a difficult child, especially when no one believes that things really are what you are describing.

    I hope the rest of your day gets easier.
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    Go ahead and vent - I SO understand that level of frustration! There are times when it takes all I have to not scream reality at my difficult child. There are times I want her to just go live with her mom forever. You'll hear no judgement from me - I hope it gets better today!
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    You mean that sweet adorable boy. If you just valued him and knew how to parent him....

    UGH UGH UGH Yep, been there, done that. These kids are enough to drive anyone nuts. Feel free to scream away here!!!

    Have you had to take him to ER again? How is he doing at school? (They are another source of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) funding if he is bad enough there.)
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    That sums it all up. Image/impression management is so hard to deal with.
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    Yup, been there done that! Vent away!!