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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Zardo, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Hi all - had our first family session with difficult child since checking in to rehab. He has struggled this week - he has been in this hopeless place and didn't see any purpose in doing the school work or embracing the program. I was able to see the hopelessness in his face - he has made a mess this time. We were able to help him work through those feelings and present to him the idea that the is hope and that there are others who have walked this road and have gone on to good things. The main ingredient he will need to make it through is a commitment to sobriety. If he is sober - he can succeed. We talked a lot, he cried a lot and he seemed to see the glimmer of light at we offered. One of the most healing moments of the night was when he and his dad were able to cry together and tell each other they love each other. difficult child had refused to talk to him before the meeting. We told him that drugs have caused the strife in their relationship too. The desperation and anger thatch has been feeling has clouded every interaction with them. We reached a point of healing and from here hopefully the healing will continue and difficult child can begin the process of putting his life back together. It's not going to be easy and I don't believe all days will be as hopeful as last night, but at least I feel hope. I am glad I feel hope - but I must continue to practice detachment and let his problems be his. The path ahead is up to him - we can only point the way and provide support.
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    It really sounds like you had an emotional, productive visit. Exhausting too, I'll bet!

    You are doing great, Zardo. You sound like you know how to strike the right balance.
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    The family sessions can be powerful tools for our difficult children. They are emotionally draining but the healing that I have seen and been part of from these sessions are real. I will forever remember the times we cried with difficult child during her rehab as we all bared our feelings of hope and concern, it was raw emotion. I'm glad your difficult child was able to allow himself to feel this.

    Sending many hopeful thoughts for you. It is so important to keep that hope alive.
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    Oh I am so glad Zardo... that sounds really really positive!!!