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    When difficult child was telling me about the gal talk that took place before court, he said well, she was like his other mother. It wasn't quite clear if she had told him this or if he was saying this fecisiously (sp). He doesn't particularly like her and has said himself that she's 2-faced and sometimes she is nice and sometimes she is not, so I don't think he said it out of affection for her. Actually, he's only seen her twice (around court) since last June.

    I was just wondering- would it be "normal" for a gal to tell a kid that she's like his other mother?
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    in my opinion no it's not normal. Could it have happened? yes. It's wrong to say that to any child. It was silly to say to your difficult child because he's much older and obviously has a clue! You can't be "like his other mother" if you are his GAL. She needs to come up with a better introduction that explains her position in relation to his life.
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    Thanks. He's known her for two years- she just hasn't been around since last June. Apparently someone was also explaining to him that since he's committed to state, he's not in my custody anymore. I'll discuss this with him more next time I see him. It just started making me wonder if she was the one to tell him I don't have custody, the state does, it's his mom's fault (I know she said that part), and for him to talk to her like she's his other mother, or something like that. Admittedly, I do not trust these people.

    When I was asking her about dss involvement and the possiblity of difficult child going to my bro, she said "oh, don't worry, that would be way down the road". Now I'm wondering if she means that could be after difficult child's release from state. Mainly because the defense attny jumped to that pretty quick as something the gal would do if I made any waves. It made it sound like this had been discussed, or at least brought up.