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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Marg's Man, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Marg's Man

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    Gday to all for Saturday which is nearly over for us

    It's been a strangely cool day for summer here.

    The first ever 500 car race has been held at the old Olympic site and Marg got to go to her Writer's Annual Dinner in the centre of Sydney.

    difficult child 3 & I went to my miniature train club so she wouldn't have to worry about him. We were running one of our many Christmas parties where Santa arrives on a train hauled by one of our members. difficult child 3 earned himself some serious brownie points working on the station platform keeping the steam locos supplied with coal and helping load passengers. I was working 'back of house' servicing a steam locomotive. He then earned further kudos sitting quietly through a particularly long and boring meeting held after our guests had gone home. I went to our favourite fish market and got some fresh fish for our dinner and some of the BEST smoked salmon I have found anywhere.

    I reckon Marg's pretty lucky. How many women can say their husband/partner can (in the same day) service a steam locomotive, cook her a fish dinner and repair her worn out shoes? Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet!!!

    Marg's Man
  2. Marguerite

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    But really, I am lucky. And that smoked salmon was delicious!

    Tomorrow we have Opera in the Gallery - our village's resident opera singer is performing tomorrow afternoon in one of the local art galleries. we bought tickets last week for myself, husband & mother in law and are looking forward to it.

    Here's to a good night's sleep!

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :coldday: Good Morning!

    Marg and your man - impressive team work! Sounds like difficult child 3 had a great day and proved he can be trusted and depended upon. Hope you all get a good nights' rest.

    Ok, so don't go getting all excited for me now but maybe, just maybe I might be seeing a little of the white stuff later today :snowing:!!!! Nothing like that picture, but a dusting if anything! It is raining now with temps in the low 40's and the temps are falling. Unfortunately, by the time the temps are at snow levels late this afternoon or early evening, most of the moisture will be light and moving on. But, if I see some flurries I will smile and be happy!

    Going to go to class with easy child at 10 today and then come home and finish trimming the rest of the house. Tree is done, out front is done, need to do more inside and the back porch. Hope to get it all done today so tomorrow can be a true day of rest.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. hearts and roses

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    Mr & Mrs Marg - nice teamwork! I love when everything falls into place like that. Hope you're having a nice rest as our day is dawning.

    Sharon, we're supposed to get 2"-4" this afternoon. I usually enjoy the first snow, but I'm really not looking forward to it yet! Seems to early for me. H says it will be melted by Sunday, but I don't know; if the temps keep, it may be the start of our snowy season.

    This morning I have to wait for the cable guy to show. Then I have a WW meeting, coffee with my friend and then I will have a busy spa day planned in preparation for all the traveling I will be doing this coming week. I'm getting a major waxing done (lip, brow, bikini), followed by a pedicure, then going to my office (to get some things done before I leave on Monday for PA) and then a manicure this afternoon. After all that is done, I'm hitting up the grocers to stock the fridge in case we really do get all that snow. I plan on baking tonight and tomorrow. In between baking delectables, I will be taking cuttings from our various pines to trim the mantle, etc., and then the inside of my house will be done! I have to fix two wreaths in the upstairs windows that blew off the house last week and the outside is done as well. Yeah! I think I may need to squeeze in a tiny nap somewhere, huh?

    difficult child is working today, easy child is running errands and helping me with the baking and cleaning of the house later. Thankfully, H is out of the house working somewhere today. I work best without him underfoot. lol.

    Enjoy the day everyone!
  5. TPaul

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    Good morning to everyone!! Hope that today proves to be a good one for everyone. :redface:

    We have our local Xmas parade today downtown. It draws a huge crowd downtown, but does not help the business with much business. After it is over people are in a hurry to leave, and since it is really cold here today, they will be even in a bigger hurry. :surprise:
    Maybe we will get people coming into the shop later in the day, since it is too cold to be doing yard work or other such activities. Saturdays are normally busy days for us. There are only two of us today, normally we have three on Saturday for at least part of the day. Hope for the best.

    We also signed a lease on the house that we have been hoping beyond hope for!!! Excited and then almost overwhelmed with the idea of adding moving into the mix with all the things going on before xmas now, LOL LOL!!! :whiteflag: We thought it would be the 1st of the year before we got it. Glad we have it now but boy will that make for a busy time.
    We have utilities on at both houses until the 18th of this month. We hoped to have them on here at the old house till the end of the month. However the utility companies only give two weeks after tranfer of service. We will get all the primary items to get the new house where we can sleep there, then move other non essential things as we can. Try to get the beds there and a couch and chair, tv and kitchen items and then wing it from there. :faint::faint:.

    Ok, enough rambling, lol lol
  6. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Marg's man - Toot Toot!:winks:You did good.
    Marg, glad you got to the conference & husband tooks such good care of difficult child 3 & you.

    Sharon (ldm), we have a dusting of snow here; it's also a balmy 20 degrees. You have to move somewhere else to truly appreciate the snow.

    Jo, my goodness - I'll be lucky to get the house cleaned & the tree up & decorated this weekend. Dobn't forgt your nap.

    Tpaul, so glad to see you this Sat a.m. ~ congrats on the new home.

    kt just put on a pot of hmj for me & chking her vmail. I grounded her from her phone because of an incident last wkend but dorpped it b/cv it didn't sem fair after all was said & done. Long story - same old differnt holiday.

    We're up & moving; hope to get house cleaned up & the tree up & decorated. I found a pecan orange cookei recipe that I'm hoping to bake with her this afternoon.

    Off here to call wm.

    Have a good day all - keep it calm.

  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg & Marg's Man-Sounds like a great day! I'm impressed with difficult child 3 for being able to sit quietly for so long through the meeting! Enjoy the Opera in the Gallery tomorrow!

    Sharon-Crossing my fingers you get to see some of the white stuff tonight!

    Jo-Wow-You have quite the day planned!! Enjoy the spa!

    TPaul-Congrats on the house-you definitely will be busy!

    I woke up early to go weigh in at ww. Thankfully I lost the weight that I had put on last week! Then came home and went back to sleep until 8:30:happyguy: It was really nice to not work this morning and to have difficult child sleep longer than usual (which is a good thing because he has been in total difficult child mode since he has gotten up this morning).

    I made it to the health club too:exercisebike: which was desperately needed!

    This afternoon I'm driving easy child to school so she can cheer at her first basketball game:cheerleader: She has to be there early so I might do a bit of looking around at the stores.

    Tonight husband and I will hopefully watch some Christmas movies and enjoy some popcorn. (I'd like to get the tree up and some decorations but we'll see.)

    Enjoy your Saturday-may it be a peaceful one:flower:
  8. Wiped Out

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    Linda-You snuck in on me. Those cookies sound delicious! If I scrap everything else for the day I could be to your house by about 5 for some of the cookies!!
  9. lizzie09

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    Well, Marg's man!

    It does seem you are as talented as your lovely wife..what
    a couple...well done!