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    If you can't figure out the abbreviations, well... use your imagination.

    It's been that type of week. I had a relative pass away yesterday (we werent close), had my insurance company call and tell me that the ONE therapy (ABA) that was actually helping my child is being cancelled today (cause we have it for ODD, not autism), and new medication for difficult child 1 which is causing rebounding. Oh, and I was just diagnosed with a very mild case of Bi-Polar (on the depressive side). It's another one of those GDSD's! Turning into a GDSW! I think alcohol is in order tonight... 'Cause I can't go through this all again -not while trying to get difficult child 2 diagnosed. I'm at my breaking point. With no where to turn. No answers, the neuropsychologist that difficult child 1 had refuses to see kids under the age of 6, and I don't know what else to do...
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Dear Madame (said in an 1800's barker style mans voice) I'll start again........ahem.

    Dear Madame,

    Are you the sufferer of the lame of brain? Does your insurance company slight you for an impractical technicality? Would taking lollipops from well behaving children and popping their ballons give you some sadistic happiness today? (God wait....that's my sick dream) ......Have you told your childs therapist reacently that the medications he's TRIALED your child on would be better served if the doctor himself inserted them rectally into himself? (yeah I'll give you a second on that mental nightmare).....Do you find yourself being torn in two by a mild case of Bi Polar? (It was YOU no no it was no no ......YOU are the sad one.....NO I beg to differ YOU are the too flippin happy one.....shut up, no YOU) ----is a bottle of Jeremiah Weed like a vision in your daily oasis of the wastewater treatment plant of your life?????? ?

    Are you having a GDSD? Goose Down Shoulder Dressing? Good Daily Shaolin Dipper? Gray Donkey Saddle Denture? Glitter Detention Streetwalker Demise? Global Deli Sandwich Debate? Glory of the snow(real word promise) Debauch Squirrelmonkey Debate (if so I'd like to watch) ......or are you just having a really crummy day?

    Well then step right up and have a pull, a tug, a snort, a thimble, a jigger, a flask, a cup, a horn, a pilsner FULL of Dr. Stars Super Fantastic Anti - GDSD elixir......Guaranteed to make you feel just like Dorothy did when the house lifted off the ground and went spinning round and round, and that old mean lady on the bicycle rode past her window......(mostly because it's not FDA regulated and we dip it out of a hole in the back yard with a cast iron ladle and bottle it while it's still smokin'.

    Yes you too can be dancing in the moonlight, completely nekkid with chicken livers taped to your elbows......whirling around a rhino skin like a Pasa Doble cape of superiority.....
    ((((((((((((((((((TODAY ONLY))))))))))))) ((((((((((((TODAY ONLY())))))))))))))))))))))) we're offering
    TWO bottles and a handy dandy puke bucket.......(one for you and one for you too) ---since you have bipolar....see? Get it -okay not funny? Moving on. (hush up Janet I am too )

    The bucket doubles as a hat, a lampshade, if you cut the end out -----a megaphone...IMPRESS YOUR NEIGHBORS (as if that little dance in the moon didn't get em) and.......

    wash away all your....Groundbeetle Deadeye Snapdragon Dementia......or........pour it on the driveway and watch it burn holes in the cement....either way it will be ENTERTAINING.......

    Tax, tag and title not included.......

    And for our advanced users.......we're developing a formula to combat Grapevine Deludid Smutberry Wrinkle cream..........COMING soon~

    Hugs and Breath -
    Love Ya
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Oh yeah

    A dab 'll do ya - but a barrel full will get you pickled! (sorry it's the salesperson in me coming out) OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY..........
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    Its one of those "I'll think about it tomorrow days."

    Star, you are wonderful. No one can get me to laugh like you can.
  5. DS3

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    I agree Star, That put a smile on my face. I needed that. So first thing is first... we call my case manager at Tri-West and figure out what's going on, and what they're substituting. Hubby says they can't just cancel a previous offered service and not offer something else they do cover. I do get to see my therapist today. I think I really need that right about now. ~putting the pieces back together today~

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    Oh, and Star -I know you're being funny in the post. But doctor says I have a very mild form of mixed Bi-Polar on the Depressive side -not the Mania side. Most often my 'mania' shows itself as severe irritation, a bad attitude, and anger. So it would be more of 'No, you're the angry one... No, you're the sad one' :) Still makes me smile. I am a rapid cycler, so that means I get pissy throughout the day without any real known reason, or I break down in tears. Most days I'm a flat line, but when I do cycle, its usually into Dr. Jekyll instead of Mr. Hyde... Which now makes me wonder if I have a split personality as well... Hubby wonders what they're going to diagnosis me with next. Seems every 6 months or so it's something new to add to the list. We shall see.