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    Soooo.....I sat down before lunch time today thinking that I would be finished with this last form within 2-3 hours except for obtaining two addresses or phone numbers. I finished about 6 hours later. LOL! And I need to get three addresses/phone numbers before I am completely finished.

    There are a couple of things that are going to look bad but I really hope they don't prevent the "ok" for this job. The worst is being behind on some credit cards. I just hope that since they did not ask for a full financial disclosure that they are not looking at this job as being that financially focused and that they consider the fact that I had excellent credit before the last few months, after spending this past year unemployed. I added the comment that I am in contact with the creditors but neither of us can commit to anything until I have a job secured. Does anyone know how much this effects things? I told the guy about it and asked if it would knock me out of the job and he told me to just list what I was doing to address it on the form.

    We'll see, I guess, hopefully sooner rather than later. Please keep fingers crossed for me. I am going to get this form submitted then proceed with looking for employment around here and moving out of this house in case I just have to walk from it.

    difficult child's CM has NEVER called me back and when he called Wed., he said she had been there. Now what do I do- call the director of the place and risk tiscking them all off? I'm only trying to ask if 1) will they coordinate his release date any with me moving for a federal job, OR 2) will they tell me what the release date is so I can work around it. I have left messages to this effect for the CM so I do not understand why she won't return my call. Everyone there has told me that since difficult child is doing so well this is not really an issue to teeter on like it would be if he got written up every couple of weeks.
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