Genetics are Amazing sometimes. LOL

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    Nichole came over to do her laundry....not so great as she had to bring Aubrey with her and I have a killer pharm test I'm studying for. (currently on a break from studying) Nichole just had Aubrey's hair cut short about chin length and it's adorable.:D

    But what floored both husband and I was it felt like we just had 3 yr old Nichole walk into the house. I kid you not, it's a bit unsettling. Aubrey is now twin to her Mom at the same age. (except taller)

    Which also means she is a triplet to me at the same age, as Nichole is basically my carbon copy.

    The real twist........

    It's not just skin deep. It goes right down to personality, likes and dislikes, and interests. All 3 of us.:surprise:

    Aubrey no longer even vaguely resembles her Daddy. lol

    It's been a while since I last saw her. She's such the little chatter box.....and today she was awarded the special (expensive) zoo animals Nana has been holding for her since I found them when she was just a baby. After her superior care and adoration of the cheap set I got her for xmas, I figured it was time. But these stay here for her to have something special to play with.

    I really enjoyed her visit, even though I was also studying while she was here. She did too.

    Yep. Genetics can be soooo cool. :D

    Oh, and easy child posted something on her facebook wall that just might be referring to the fact that she is pregnant again. We don't know. We've come out and asked her. Nichole knew she was taking a preg test this morning since she hasn't had a period since Brandon was born almost a year ago. easy child won't tell us cuz she's at work, but friends from work are responding to her post in such a way it makes us think she is. Nichole kept bugging her, texting her at work. I told her if she is she probably doesn't want to say anything until she gets to tell sister in law. He was mad with Brandon cuz she told me first. lol

    It wouldn't be a tragedy. They can easily afford another child and easy child wants more children. Just would be a surprise because it wasn't planned. lol (story of my life)

    Will let you know when I find out what is going on. :D