Gentlemen...Start Your Engines!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, May 7, 2011.

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    So we took Keyana and her brother Cameron to The Lady in Black, Darlington Raceway, in Darlington SC. It was a most amazing experience. We got there around 3 in the afternoon which was perfect timing because it had been raining until then but it stopped right as we got there. We walked all around (wore me out before the race even and got a whole ton of stuff. We got to meet Joey Logano in person and I managed to snag the only picture anyone got of him with anyone with a kid by stuffing Keyana right in front of him and saying, Would you please let me take a picture of her with you? And she was just dressed to the nines with Kyle Busch who is his team mate so really it would have been quite he knelt down and I snapped then his manager dragged him

    The kids had a blast though. I really worried that they might get a bit scared at the noise but the whole time we were there they could hear noise...first the jet blowers drying the track and that excited them, then they could hear the Sprint cars qualifying...and they wanted to go watch that but first we got something to eat and walked around all the trailers where they were selling stuff and showing stuff and I got pictures and got them each something from their favorite drivers.

    Finally we went up into the stands while Tony went back to the car to get our cooler so we wouldnt have to pay the outrageous prices for drinks. I simply couldnt believe how well the kids were doing. They were screaming for all the cars on the track while the Sprint cup cars were doing their laps. It was just amazing. Then it was time for the race we came to see... the Nationwide race.

    We stood for the colors and the National Anthem. Then came the most famous words in racing...gentlemen...start your engines...and the cars all started and its like thunder! You can feel it under your feet. The cars started following the pace car around the track and everyone is on their feet...Keyana is standing on her tippy toes, hands in the air,...screaming has loud as she can and her eyes had tears in them...tears of happiness...She was literally jumping up and down screaming with her little fist pumping up and down for the first 25 laps...lmao.

    We thought she was going to be scared but she was anything but scared. She loved it! And her man won! Her brother was going for number 20 and he came in second. Of course, Cameron was ticked off that Keyana won and he came in second. He went on a tirade over that. Oh well, he is very competitive. We tried to tell him they both did well...first and second was very good and really, it was the drivers who won, not the spectators...lmao.

    But I was just so thrilled to see Keyana's face when the race started. I will never forget it. In fact, people around us were so tickled about her reaction, they were taking pictures of her instead of the race...lmao. I did have her dressed up really cute too. Kyle Busch tee, pig tails with big red bows.
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    Sounds like tons of fun!! And sounds like you all had a wonderful time!!

    You've got yourself some racing fans there, Janet. lmao!

    My biodad is a huge racing fan. He used to drive transport for one of the clue who it was now. He loved it.

    I liked racing in person, never could get into it on tv, never quite the same.

    Those kids are gonna be talking about this for a long time. lol
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    i've never been..... but i've always wanted to. husband isn't into it. very cute with her face lighting up that way..... gotta love how you can see things thru kids eyes and it just makes it all soo much better!
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    And you didn't give Jr a smack on the butt from me?
    Glad a great time was had by all!
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    we didnt get that close to any of the drivers but Joey!

    Im still trying to figure out who this guy was that was taking obviously professional photographs. We were walking around some of the cars they had out for viewing and the kids were just asking question after question about doors and why there werent I was trying to get my camera ready to take a picture when this man came out and said...I would really like to have these to stand in front of this car, would that be okay? I said it would be fine. So he took several shots of them and then moved on to take others pics. In fact he was there taking pics when I was taking pics of Joey Logano. Im thinking he may work for either a paper or some NASCAR magazine. Or maybe online? Just thought of that.
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    What fun!
  7. HaoZi

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    Still got some heat going between Harvick and Bush now. I'm entertained, and my boy finished with minimal damage.
  8. Jena

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    haozi listen to you!!! lol........... i know not of what you speak.. i should watch this stuff.
  9. DammitJanet

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    Oh its just the Boys Have at it...policy of NASCAR in the last few years. There for a few years they were attempting to say naughty naughty for any bumping on the track and the spectators were getting bored so the powers that be said lets give the audience what they want...a fun, good old fashioned, bumper to bumper race. But now, tempers are involved. Of course, they always were but now we really see them and its like the old days with feuds and fights. Its fun!

    Kyle Busch has his fan club and his name of Wild Thing and Rowdy Busch. He is either cheered or jeered. Thing is...he can drive so you have to give him that. There are guys out there wrecking guys who simply dont have the ability to put up so they need to shut up. Thats where it gets All works out in the end.
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    I'm happy you had such an awesome day.
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    Yeah, it's all fun and games until another driver dies on the track. A little NASCAR tag is one thing, but I think Bush took it a little too far hitting Harvick like he did last night. I used to always want to see Gordon put into the wall, now I'd love to see Kyle shoved there instead.
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    Oh, what fun! The noise makes me crazy ... I can only do that sort of thing once every 5 yrs or so, but there is a lot of excitement and fun to it.
    Keyana's red ribbons sound adorable.
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    Janet, sorry we missed you. I attended my first race last night---and it was awesome. One of the coolest things was during the National Anthem, the speaker blew out---without a beat, the crowd picked up the song and sang it to the end. They had given out little flags and everyone had them held in the air. On site, you miss a lot that see on tv---and I wouldn't tell Mr Sexy, but I really like watching on tv better---I can follow what's going I'm a Junior fan too, but I told MS that I wanted David Regan to win, just cause he always qualifies well and drives without all the major backing of the big names. MS is a big Junior fan, but had Carl Edwards in the racepool---so I was pulling for all I think I was the only person in the place pulling for Regan---when won---no one but me was happy.
  14. DammitJanet

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    The one I hate is Kelwowski...I know I probably spelled his name wrong. He is bad...he will put anyone in the wall. He deliberately sent Edwards in but then Edwards got him back and I was thrilled...sat on my couch and I still cant stand him. He has shoved and banged and hit so many. Cant stand him. Busch really doesnt drive all that aggressively as he used to. Yeah he is all go but that is his job. He isnt as wreck'em as he used to be. Sure he bumped Harvick in the pits last night but that was just a tap. Nothing big. He got punched through his window net! Happy Harvick will get it done again. He is the Closer. This isnt a sport for the faint of heart. When they are going 190 mph around a circle, tempers do flare.