George Zimmerman surprise to me

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    I figured he was guilty and a hothead. This proves it. Sort of like I wasn't surprised when OJ was arrested again. In the end, they show their true colors. You'd think that after catching such huge brfeaks, they'd really be careful. But they can't help is who and what they are.

    I'm waiting for Casey Anthony's next offense.
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    I'm truly worried with this one. A young boy has lost his life. Zimmerman didn't have to pay for it. Immediately after he has repeated boughts with the law for violence and guns leading up to this one where he finally gets arrested. Not sure if he'll get off (didn't he on another?). Clearly he has postively shown he has a problem with both violence and guns now. I fear that there will be another life lost. THAT'S what I don't want to see happen again. I can only hope that it doesn't as I don't know what else can be done now that the big offense has been done and over with.
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    Yep. This is the kind of crazed person who should not own a gun. I never did believe he feared for his life and, even if he had, why did he get out of the dang truck then? I think he has serious and dangerous mental issues and the mentally ill are not supposed to own firearms.

    I hope his girlfriend learned a good lesson about who not to pick as a boyfriend!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!
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    If you know someone that is being abused ......don't get so frustrated with their situation that YOU walk away from them and give up. Every single day I take calls from men and women who are CONSISTANTLY calling 911 daily, every other day, once or twice a week, every other week, twice a month, once a month - from the same or DIFFERENT lovers. The biggest misnomer for most of these people (and myself at one time) is - If I GET AWAY from THEM the problem(s) will be over. What they fail to UNDERSTAND is that THEY THEMSELVES ARE THE PROBLEM as well. Just because the abuser leaves doesn't mean the problem is DONE. If that person NEVER gets help or counseling or therapy??? The chances that they will pick ANOTHER mate LIKE the one they just left are VERY, VERY high - and then the cycle repeats itself and if children are involved the cycle repeats itself through GENERATIONS. Then there is the old adage "Well we got the kids out in "time". FACT... Children remember what they hear and feel as early as the womb.

    I have no doubts Zimmerman is a product of his environment. IMVHO - the fact that he KEEPS re-offending says to me that he ENJOYS the attention he gets/got. I think he's a very damaged and twisted individual that believes he's more 'untouchable' than 'lucky'. Whatever complex he suffers from will catch up with someone who feels justice wasn't served soon enough and then it will be a day when the world will have to stand there and ask itself how human am I because we may utter the words "oh well, or good' because we were angered over one loss so we fixed it with another one. The true loss there will be that nothing was solved again and no one really paid for the pain suffered by the parents left behind to mourn.
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    I have been a bit shocked at how idiotic he has acted. It wasnt more than two weeks after he got off on the Martin trial than he was arrested for speeding in TX and he wasnt just going 5 miles over the speed limit. He has gotten breaks from the law in almost all cases except he did get one speeding ticket in FL of like $256. That had to be a pretty fast speed because normal tickets are in the hundred dollar range. All this time he had his gun with him. I think some of his charges also involve fights with the police and he pulled a gun on his then wife but she recanted. He had a domestic violence issue before the trial but that wasnt allowed in.

    This idiot actually thought the courts would allow him to go back to his girlfriend's home to retrieve his belongings alone - and part of those belongings were guns. Oh yeah right. I did have to laugh when the judge said he had ties to the community when he told the court he had no one to go pick up his stuff. Evidently he has no job, no home and family in another country. He was told to surrender his passport but he said he didnt know if he had received it back from when he was in trial. Well what's to stop him from ordering a new one?
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    Star...good post.

    One of my volunteering places is a shelter for domestically abused women. I know that the most dangerous time for a victim is after she leaves. She becomes a target for being stalked and even killed (OJ is a good example). At our shelter, it is completely locked down and nobody is allowed to give any names, even if somebody calls for a resident. We have to just answer, "Hello." The caller says "Can I talk to Jane Smith?" I take down the name and say, "I will see if anyone by that name is here and if so I will give her the message." Something like that.

    My comment about the girlfriend was that she chose him, but it was not kind. Many abused women tend to choose what they are familiar with from childhood and have to learn to break the habit. I am not scornful of the girlfriend. I am just scornful of George Zimmerman and the jurors who let him go. Ditto for OJ and Casey Anthony.
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    Janet, I suspect he was every bit as stupid before he shot Trayvon Martin, and he got into just as much trouble but we didn't know because he hadn't killed anyone (yet) and the victims so rarely report - especially when the majority of the abuse is "menacing" rather than actual hands on. After all, we now know through his ex-wife that they had separated in a big argument the night before he shot Trayvon. It was clear escalation of violence. Now his every move is being watched. He'll still "get away" with a lot because he won't comply, but we'll know about it this time.

    I'd be awfully surprised if he actually gives up his access to guns as he was ordered. And it does kind of remind me of OJ, but in much quicker motion. OJ had the money to lie low for years before he was stupid enough to pull his Las Vegas caper. But let's not forget, OJ has always maintained his innocence, while Zimmerman has always maintained his righteousness. The lines of right and wrong are completely blurred for him. The next time he kills or maims someone he could have a very good shot at mental incompetence.
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    That's the problem with guns. I believe in the right to self-protection, but this clown Zimmerman actually thinks he was not only protecting himself from somebody who hadn't threatened him, but he thought he was being a savior of his neighbors. And, yes, I'm sure he was a major nutcase all his life until killing Trayvon, and I also doubt he will keep away from arms.

    OJ, in my opinion, is guilty as sin. Of course, I didn't see him do it. That's how he got off. Nobody saw it. But I do think the evidence is conclusive. And although he waited many years for his true stripes to make the headlines again, I believe he has had other incidents that nobody knows about before the Great Kidnapping Caper. in my opinion these two are psychopaths (ditto for Casey Anthony). A psychopath doesn't change who he is. He can get smarter about playing the "I am normal" game and some can maintain longer than others can. I believe Ted Bundy fooled the famous Ann Rule who writes true crime books. She met him and worked beside him and did not guess he was a psychopath.
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    Great stuff here.
    An attorney friend of mine once told me basically the same thing MW Mom.....many of these folks who get off in court, in the end are back again. They just can't stay clean/stay out of the system/their true colors become very clear in due time. This is why she never sweats it when there are verdicts she doesn't agree with.

    And on a similar note, I personally feel one of the major "issues," with folks who are mentally ill (and are not getting good tx) or emotionally ill is a lack of gratitude. So, no way do they feel gratitude if the case works out in their favor. There is NO "there by the grace of G-d...." No appreciation/no gratitude/no awareness, etc.

    Instead, they feel entitled or at best conflicted or even disturbed/angry that they had to go through the court system in the first place. Or some, might even miss the spotlight. They don't learn a lesson. They are not grateful. They do not thank those who helped them or their Higher Power. They don't "get it" at all. They never see themselves as fortunate...only victims.

    Sooner or later, they are back in trouble.