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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Manster is off to Orange County, CA with his dad and Grandma for a week! husband and are thrilled to have this time to focus on us. But we won't be alone. We are dog sitting my mom's 14-year old poodle, Little Fox. Coincidentally, our friend's chocolate Lab, Kyenta (also 14) is unable to navigate stairs any longer and as our friend lives in a third story apartment, he's "our dog" for the time being. He was talking about putting her down but we thought this would buy him some time. Most of the time Kyenta seems fine but other times she shakes and is unable to stand up from a lying down position let alone do stairs. The one thing that they are both VERY interested in is food. It seems to be all they live for. We bought them some frosty paws tonight and they were in heaven. Did I mention we live in a 1300 sq ft townhouse and also have a cat and bird!

    husband and I feel that we're building karma for the day food is all we live for and hopefully someone will take pity on us too :)
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    You have a blessed soul, ML.
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    Hmm I wonder if that would work with feeding strays? My pride has added 3 more kittens recently. Or maybe I should ask Do you want a kitten? lol
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    It's a good thing that you're doing. Senior dogs still have a lot of love to give even when they require a lot of extra care. I'm dreading the added medical expenses as mine age. Ms. Freebie is at least ten years old, probably eleven, and Ragan just turned nine. Freebie still looks like a puppy but Ragan already has to take three different medications every day.
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    Too bad you weren't going with him on this trip -- we could meet someplace!
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    I know I thought about that. Manster's grandma lives in Orange which isn't too far from you. Next time for sure~
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    Um........(tap tap tap) I Doooooooo believe that the SISTER should get next dibbs.......(crosses arms, sulks, and sits Indian style with back to the crowd and pouts) ---but will play with Geriatric dogs. lol
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    I love you Star. You have no idea how much joy your posts, so full of your spirit, bring to me. I *will* meet you one day.

    On another note, the dogs really seem to like it here. They like our sedentary life style lol.
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    Awww, that is so sweet. I've never purchased Frosty Paws but I see them everywhere.

    I hate to say it, but not being able to do stairs is one of the litmus tests we use when deciding to put down our dogs ... of course, it's not that exact moment, but it's a guidepost.

    Love the idea about only living for food and being taken care of when we're elderly!! Chocolate for everyone!
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    You know, one of the reasons that older dogs sometimes have a problem getting around is that they can get arthritis, just like people do. Their joints get stiff and sore and painful and they don't want to go for walks or climb stairs. There are supplements that you can buy in pet stores or get from the vet that can make a huge difference.
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    I tried frosty paws for one of my dogs...he liked it okay...but for the price, I bought a bag of those cheap vanilla ice cream cups and gave him those and he liked them MUCH
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    ML, we can be roomies and share the dog food.

    Not being able to negotiate stairs is fairly normal for older dogs. Heck, they get stiff and arthritic, just like we do as we get older. I've been known to carry my pups for years up and down stairs when they could no longer do it for themselves. As long as they were alert, had a smile on their faces, enjoyed a five minute walk and had an appetite, my vet approved and so did I. I hope I will be as lucky when I'm older to have a sweet caretaker like you.

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    Wow. This post just warms my heart :) How sweet you are! How special!
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    Thanks everyone! We're enjoying them a lot. The poodle is definitely the more demanding of the two. He whines a lot to get what he wants. He was a spoiled lap dog in his day. The lab on the other hand is the sweetest, most gentlest soul and very easy going. Luckily they like the cat and the bird. I'll have to get a picture of all of them hanging out.