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    I purposely made it so that my trip was cut short so I didn't miss my cardiology appointment today. I go this afternoon to get the results of the echo-cardiogram, as well as a 4 day monitoring. Here's hoping for the best... especially since I had another episode of pre-syncope the day before I left to come home. I may also get my official pulmonary function test results... but I doubt it. I think I need to see a different doctor on that. Anywho, wish me luck.

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    Good luck! Keep us updated.
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    Good luck! Hoping for the best!
  4. DS3

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    So I'm frustrated after seeing my cardiologist. Nothing showed on anything (which I guess is a good thing). The Echo showed that I had a structurally sound heart with no defects, no excess water, it wasn't too big or too small, and all of the valves work fine. The 4 day of wearing the monitor showed nothing.

    So next: 30 days of wearing the monitor as well as a tilt-table test.

    In the mean-time: Have to go see my PCM and update him on the cardiology. He may send me to neurology, may not. I'm going to make the call tomorrow.

    So yeah. Frickin frustrated. I just want to know what's wrong so I can fix it.

    And on top of it, Hubby came home today with the flu. Yay for me. ~grumbles~
  5. Steely

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    What is a pre-syncope?

    I know it is frustrating - but at least your heart is healthy it sounds like? Now you just have to narrow it down a bit more to find the exact cause of the symptoms.

  6. DS3

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    Thanks for the hugs. Syncope is passing out. Pre-syncope are the symptoms that warn you you're about to pass out. For example, I break out in a cold sweat, get nauseated, see the world go hazy/fuzzy, and sometimes spin, some chest discomfort, ringing in the ears, etc. Sometimes all at once, and sometimes just a few of the symptoms. Depends I guess. On average, I have an 'episode' once a month. I've only passed out once, and that was while I was standing instead of sitting. This last one struck as I was standing as well, but I knew the symptoms by now and just laid down for about an hour until it passed. ~sigh~

    I keep altering between frustration, anger, depression, and wanting to cry since I found out nothing showed, and it'll be about a month and a half before I see the doctor again.
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    I know they are looking at all sorts of things, but I don't recall "stroke" being among them...

    I stood in the hospital hallway the other day (visiting a friend, nothing too major)... we had to wait a couple of minutes before we could go in, and there was a chart on the BB there... "symptoms of stroke"... and... as I re-read earlier posts, and your last one now... any chance they haven't looked there yet? Hoping they HAVE and it isn't, but... just in case.
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I know I've said this to you before, but I'm still thinking it's neurological because it sounds pretty similar to the simple partial/autonomic seizures my husband has.

    When it happens, he simultaneously feels like he's going to pass out, lose his bowels and vomit. He breaks out in a cold sweat, his heart pounds and he generally feels disoriented. He is aware of everything around him and he can talk, but he usually has to lie down because he feels so wobbly. He usually feels very tired afterwards. Sometimes he's had tingling in his arms. He has only lost consciousness once -- unfortunately he was driving when that happened.

    Over a period of several years he underwent Holter monitoring, cardio stress testing, tilt-table testing, EKG, got checked for inner ear problems, and was even rx'd medications for anxiety, thinking these were panic attacks. All his neurological signs were normal. And an EEG at the hospital was inconclusive. A brain MRI that the first neuro read did not show anything. HOWEVER, when we had an epilepsy neuro read the same film a couple years later, he FOUND a very small abnormality present in that image and a subsequent image revealed a rapidly changing vascular abnormality in the right temporal lobe (thus the simple partials seizures).

    Not saying that this is necessarily what's going on with you (the abnormality part) but I really do think there is a possibility that this is a temporal lobe issue.

    I hope you can get in to see a neuro soon -- I know how frustrating it is to have something like this going on and not have any answers from the "experts." If they can't get you in for 6 weeks, make it your mission to call them EVERY. DAY. and ask if they've had a cancellation. BE the squeaky wheel even if it means you end up on a first-name basis with the appointment desk and they start to know you by the sound of your voice! I've done this and it can work. They will fit you in, one way or another.
  9. DS3

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    It's not that they can't get me in until 6 weeks out, it's more of a waiting for the 30 day test to be done and get the results. PCM will probably send me to neuro next. Cardiologist today pretty much seemed to think there was nothing wrong with my heart. So we shall see.
  10. Hound dog

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    I'm guessing since you're already seeing the cardiologist the pre-syncope is not blood pressure related. (either too high or too low)

    Can't recall, did they check your blood sugar? Has that ever been an issue?

    Ask the neuro for an MRI, might as well be thorough while you're at it.

    I know it's frustrating, but it can be a process. But at least you know your heart is in good shape. :)

  11. DS3

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to look into that.
  12. DS3

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    That's the thing. BiPolar (BP) is usually low, pulse is usually high, and the t-wave seems to go funky every now and again. But nothing conclusive as of yet.

    No diabetes. That's been checked.

    And I'll have to let you know about the neuro after I get to talk with my PCM. Can't do anything without a referral.
  13. SomewhereOutThere

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    Ever think of middle ear? When I was younger I used to get horrible dizzy spells and felt like passing out. I would have to lay down to avoid it and still felt dizzy and weak and sick. Here is a link about vestibular disorders. Maybe they will ring a bell?

    VEDA - Vestibular Disorders Association - Causes of Dizziness
  14. DS3

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    I go to get my ears checked and a hearing test tomorrow.
  15. susiestar

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    So frustrating for you. I know how scary those symptoms are. I hope that they can identfy the cause and stop it. During this time on the monitor, play iwth your blood sugar. Make it go very high, and very low. Keep a diary so that you can look back and see if there were any changes. For help with this, google the glycemic index and use that to help plan your foods to change your blood sugar. Sometiems the problem isn't so much that the blood sugar is low as the way it bottoms out, like you didn't eat for hours vs you ate a bunch of sweets and then blood sugar dropped suddenly after they were processed, and this can tell you a lot.

    Just don't expect the docs to "get" the nutrition stuff. They receive a pitifully small amt of nutrition education.
  16. DS3

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    So it's been a rough week. They ruled out inner ear, and I have excellent hearing (although my husband would beg to differ). I saw my PCM and they are requesting an MRI of my neck from a previous injury that caused a disk to be dislodged, and a CT scan of my head. They have referred me to neurology but the soonest they can get me in is Feb 15. I got my 30 day monitor and will start that today.

    I saw my therapist and my psychiatrist in the same day. Both were concerned I was going to have a mental breakdown. The one even asked if I needed to be committed. Honestly, all I needed was a good vent and a good cry, and I've been feeling better. Even so, the psychiatric put me on a tranquilizer to help me sleep since I have a hard time doing that lately. Hubby let me have the day yesterday to do as I liked, and I went shopping, got a manicure and a pedicure, and I feel like a new woman! Who knew! LOL.

    So yeah, that's where I stand. We've been working on putting everything away or getting rid of different items (and this week was crazy busy with appointments). So if I'm not on much until next week, you know why. It's hard going through his dad's stuff for both of us. So we're taking it one thing at a time, and we're in no hurry. Although I would like to be able to use my treadmill again, so finding enough space in the garage is important to me. :)
  17. buddy

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    Gosh, sorry it has been a rough week but I love that you were able to do that for yourself.

    Sounds like your dr.s really care, and glad they referred to a neuro. That is really important to rule out.

    Take care and keep us updated.