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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nomad, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Local station does report on a Jiffy Lube charging for services they did not provide. Seems it happened in five out of nine cases.

    Question: How do you know if your car service company is honest?
    Never really thought about this until now.
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    OMG!!!! Go figure, I was just talking about this to a friend that takes her car to Firestone. They too have been caught doing the same thing before and probably still do for that matter. I just recently started having problems with my van blowing a lil antifreeze from the lower hose that connects to the waterpump and have been making sure that the resevour tank is always full. I took it to my mechanic (Guys I have trusted for years) and they tell me that I need a new water pump. Hmmmmm, Well I have no overheating issues which would be the # 1 indication of a bad waterpump. They quoted me $150.00. I went and got a waterpump (That I don't think I need) for $24.99 along with the lower radiator hose $11.99. I have yet to change out the hose while keeping on top of the antifreeze. But now am pondering how much unecessary repairs through the years have been done to my vehicle. It would be interesting to mark my old waterpump like they did in the video and take it to them (My mechanic) to see if in fact they do change it out but yet charge me. Probably won't happen though because I don't have the money right now anyway. Thanks for sharing.
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    Something similar actually happened to me in my younger and dumber days. I had this old VW Dasher that my dad had given to us. One day it lost reverse so I couldnt back up at all. We took it to a transmission place who told us we needed a new transmission and that they could get me a rebuilt one and install it for somewhere in the range of 700 bucks. We scraped and saved to get the money up and took it in. 3 or 4 days later they tell me to come get the car...all fixed. It seemed ok when I tested it out but not two days later it tore up again only this time it wouldnt go forward...only backwards! This time I had it towed to the VW dealer who took one look at it and said that I didnt have a new was the same exact one that came with the car!!! All the oil marks and drips from the engine matched up like fingerprints. They also told me that if someone sold a rebuilt transmission it would have some numbers printed on it with a code in grease pencil.

    Ok...I was livid. I got the statement from the VW place and took it back to the transmission place demanding my money back. They laughed at me!!! I ended up having to take them to small claims court.
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    That's why it pays to have a sister in law to do all your car maintenance and repairs. :D I am so very lucky and I make sure he knows how much I appreciate him.

    Oh, about the Jiffy Lube thing, doesn't surprise me a bit. About oh 20 yrs ago husband used to manage one. We never used it, ever.