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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by crazymama30, Sep 10, 2008.

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    The vice principal called me yesterday. difficult child has had some problems at school already (this is the 2nd week). They want to get together to try to figure out how to be pro active instead of reactive. Finally, huh? I mentioned a social skills class, and they may actually have one this year. I almost fell over. I have been asking for this for years.

    My question is, difficult child's problems are mainly in unstructured times, or times with little supervision. PE, recess, music. He does fine in the classroom, and has actually been doing his homework. How can an IEP affect recess? Can it? I am just at a loss.

    I think this all came about because I was told by difficult child about an incident that happened at school. I e-mailed his teacher, and she told me the rest of the story. difficult child had left out some very important details. I implied in the e-mail that many times difficult child is not believed when he tries to talk to adults, and I still believe this is true.

    At least it got action.
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    Options I can think of include a Behavior Intervention Plan that includes strategies- someone who knows him needs to think about those, unless someone here has specific ideas- and a "safe place" or quiet place that he can go to if he starts getting too rowdy. The iep can address just about anything- I'm still only scratching the surface and my son has been on one almost 3 years. The main thing- think of what your child needs and what you think will help him before you worry about whether or not the school can or will give it.
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    I know your pain. Unstructured areas. Sigh. Hall ways, cafeteria, gym, etc.

    Proactive? Kudos to them!

    BIP is a good idea.

    One of the things I've learned from the school of hard knocks is that PE teachers too often get left out of the loop. Parents need to be sure this doesn't happen.

    Hall ways. I finally told the sd if difficult child needed an escort from class to class, get on it.
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    The meeting went really well. difficult child was there, and it was very positive. They were sending copies of the notes to the PE, music, and the recess duties. We came up with a better plan for recess, he will play wall ball with a small group of kids. One thing that difficult child identified as a problem was that he does not do well in large groups. It was good to see difficult child identify his own problems. He will have a check in sheet that is to be completed at all recesses, pe, and music. The recess duty will (or is supposed to) give difficult child positive feedback and to help him realize when he is getting out of control. I hope they follow through on it. I really like this idea, and like the idea that difficult child helped to come up with the interventions.

    I also got some info on a magnet school for middle school. They do lots of hands on learning, have smaller class sizes, stay in the same classroom more, and say they are better for kids who do better in a nontraditional setting. I am going to look into this further for difficult child.

    I am so glad my school district is helpful. They really seem to care, and I appreciate it so much.
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    That is great!! Kuddos to difficult child! I have seen the most remarkable improvement in my son since he has started taking part in his own problem-solving. It is second only to medications and I hope the day comes when it outweighs them. Your son is at a good age to start this- middle school should be even more open to it. Way To Go! You handled it well and difficult child reached a milestone, in my book!
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    That does sound great. It is very helpful to allow difficult child to have input and implement his plans on getting control. Recess is hardest. I am looking forward to the good reports on how this unfolds.