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    Our son has never been diagnosed. In his last year of high school (he is 24 now), they indicated he a learning disability. He has had over a dozen jobs between now and then & seems to have trouble with relationships.

    Any suggestions on who to goto to get a fair diagnosis? Is it better to rely on local government to diagnose him or get our own? If so, what type of doctor performs these diagnoses?

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    With your son being 24 is he willing to go for a diagnosis to see what the problem might be?

    Personally, I like neuropsychologist because they evaluate for just about everything, learning disabilities, possible mental disorders, ect. So their evaluations pick up on more things than say a psychiatrist evaluation would. And I'd say if your son is having troubles in social/relationship areas this might not be a bad idea for him.

    Now, having said that..... I found that finding a neuropsychologist to re-evaluation my son Travis as an adult nearly impossible in our area. But I got lucky. Out of desperation I called Children's in cincy and asked his old pediatrician neuro if he knew of any in the area. As luck would have it, one of the good ones that had practiced for years at Children's had decided to add adults to his practice as he saw a huge need for it.

    So, the search for one might be tough, depending on your area.

    Could you give a little more background? How did he meet developmental milestones growing up? How'd he do in school acedemically and socially with his peers? Stuff like that can help us give better advice.

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    If he's willing to go (it won't help one bit if he's not) I'd take him to a neuropsychologist. I've had tremendously good luck with them for myself and my son. I wouldn't trust the government to diagnose anything. I'm not that my experience with their mental health people was very poor--I would go privately.