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    My son has entered the stage of learning to be independent. Like the developmental stages that have preceded this one it hits like a disruptive force...and this one includes the other friends and their parents.
    Takes a village: and that village includes parents who, to quote the district phsycologist "just don't give a ****" or to quote the school conselor "some of these teens have no hope for a future"
    Armed with the handy school year book I started calling on this village one teens parent at a time. And in this way I am building a network of the caring so that we ARE involved. WE have each others numbers. We can know who are children's friends are and we can work together to establish the boundaries that teen-agers do need.
    I found someone who responded to the suggestion that intensive home therapy is not available in most states.
    As a parent I do not subscribe to the take NO for an answer method when it comes to what is needed for kids.
    As a life tool I have found that when NO is the first answer it is like a curtain behind which the wizard is hiding.
    What is it with our generations here in America? This is our watch! Does
    letting teenagers futures be determined by a brain that is not yet developed the inter-connectivity that only occurs with exsperiance and use?
    Hey! Our world is ever more challenging, competitive, crowded and I for one am not prepared to turn our children who have the advantage of knowing about how they are unique and where they need differantly as if these are
    fish who are going to swim up stream and largely die off.
    The benifits to having a therapy for the family where the members have input and exsperiance and the fresh frame of referance can do so much for
    the family and the direction chosen. Attention, acceptance, appreciation and what is possible are worthy pursuits and I will be acting that way.
    I asked the local DOE and DOH folks what they need in our county: staff
    psycologists/ child and adolescent psyciatrists and we need them in a big way.
    IF YOUR county needs staff what is it and who are you going to call, write and visit at their office so that the matter is being discussed?
    Parents today are hard working and have precious little time with their families. For children and teens that means neglect. The food might be there, the clothing, the roof, the high tech stuff but it is the precious time and the relationships and the interconnected and what we do with each other that makes people human beings.
    No has a place. And "no there is no help for your children, your family" is not correct. It is not true. ANd do not be satisfied with it.
    Thank you for being there. I have been really missing the wonderfull world of others and this site is filling a void. ;)
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    I agree with you on all points. It sounds like you are working very hard to change things, and becoming very involved.

    I also agree with your comment in regards to the importance of parents at home with their children. Yet unfortunately in these times our economy is such that alot of times both parents do have to work, or one if it's a single family home.

    Yet even with working parents there is always time to be found. I worked for years, a single parent for 7 years it was hard alot of juggling yet doable.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We have a ton of doctors here in New York, it's just unfortunately alot of them stink and it's a matter of weeding through the pile :)

    I'm glad this place has filled a void and given you somewhere to vent, express yourself and hopefully get support.