Getting the angries out website.

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  1. I was talking to difficult child's counselor at school and we were discussing his tantrums and she suggested this website.

    Most of it is good information from the perspective of the parent and the child. I just wanted to share with anyone who may be interested. I know I liked it. It may have already been mentioned here; if so--sorry in advance.

    I will repost this for the younger child forum also.
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    Thank you!!
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    Thanks, sounds like a great site that can be helpful for Major.
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    thank you for sharing the link. It looks quite interesting and I might forward this on to difficult child's school!
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    Thank you! I looked a bit and will check it out more, looks good.
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    Thank you for sharing this!
  7. Your welcome ladies. My son threw a BIG tantrum today and I after he calmed down I asked him to come look at the computer to see the kid part. Of course, he wouldn't but when I walked away he did come and watch it on his own and was doing the breathing etc. He played it back multiple times. I am hoping this works because I am so tired of the fits! Ugh!