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    On Thursday, DS was very well behaved until art class. He opened a marker and in the process hit another kid. The kid hit him back. A fight ensued. DS was suspended for a day. He has been sent to the office about 10 times in the school year so far, and the school usually suspends after 3 - they let him off the hook because he's a 1st grader, but this, I think, was just a bit too much. My wife doesn't know what if any punishment was dished out to the other kid. Given DS is in the forefront of issues I wouldn't be surprised if he got all the blame.

    We took DS to see a psychologist today. She's fairly certain he has ADHD, she asked us to seriously consider medicating him. At this point, I will try anything. So, we'll get a prescription on Monday from his doctor and pray that it helps.

    We found an advocate and we spoke with him this morning. He was very very concerned about the suspension. We failed to get the evaluation request in on Friday because the designated person the school as to receive it was absent, but we will get it in Monday. His concern about the suspension stems from the fact that a second one may be grounds enough to ask for DS to be transfered. He told us he would file a due process complaint to get the evaluation timeline down to 30 days instead of the usual 60 - said he can't see us and DS playing this out until January. He will also file a pendency placement motion to make sure DS stays put while this is sorted out and reassured me that first steps are alway to try things in the current placement, not just yank him out. He also shared some quick thoughts on the situation to date; he thinks DS is having a really hard time "coping" - he used a bunch of other words to describe then settled on it "just one word - coping". That DS may have OHI or Learning Disability (LD) or more than one of a few things. All really really SCARY things to hear.

    I did not I move for a few minutes after that phone conversation; totally at loss of words and stunned by the emotions.
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    Breathe deeply. You are at the beginning of a long road. My youngest was out of control in 1st grade as well and is now in the process of being mainstreamed. There is lots of hope.

    If your son is truly ADHD, the stims will seem like a miracle. You may have to tweak the dose or brand to find the one that works best. If he has a negative reaction to the stims, psychiatrists sometimes go with medications like Clonodine.

    I'd suggest using as many of the environmental interventions as possible: eliminate or severely limit screen time, Feingold or gluten-free, casein-free+natural diet, set schedule, limit extras, nature exposure, etc.

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    Glad to hear you found an advocate to work with. It will make things much less stressful for you.

    Yes, if it is ADHD, the right medicine will seem like a miracle. DD2's best friend has ADHD, and I can barely stand to be around her when her medications have worn off for the day. On medications? The child is an absolute gem!
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    Did you see my reply to your previous post? The links to information about gifted children?
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    Yes. Thanks for that info. I have been going through the sites. SENG has a couple of publications that look interesting. I have been trying to find a psychiatric with experience with gift kids of days. Wonder if one of those orgs can help me find someone.
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    Try Mensa or Trip 9, they may have resources for gifted kids.