GFGmom...more bad decisions relating to "little" AS difficult child! Good Grief!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DDD, Aug 23, 2011.

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    I haven't vented lately about GFGmom. I swear she doesn't have a single clue about parenting and now she's topped herself. Those of you have been around awhile know that GFGmom had difficult child get his own apartment around eight months ago or so...then talked easy child/difficult child into living with him since difficult child was not mature enough to live alone. Sigh! That ended when his disability was cut off and difficult child move back in with his dear Mom and easy child/difficult child came home to us. Surprise!

    difficult child is now 20 going on 15 or so. Within days after he got "his" apartment a girl moved in with him because "whe had no where to live" and he wanted to help her. She was "loose" (as we used to say) and the two of them did the dirty often. difficult child and his "girl" had a volatile relationship..particularly when she hooked up with others which was often. I strongly suggested to GFGmom that she encourage him to kick her out and move on with his life. Didn't happen. Can you believe she actually "hooked up" with a traveling "carney dude" and moved on with caravan?

    difficult child has lived back with GFGmom for about a year. It has been chaotic and then she upped the ante by encouraging him to "be a man" and "drive her car" so he could find friends. Aspergers diagnosis. does not include an understanding of friends. The very first night he "had the car" he stayed out until 2 am. She doesn't know or care where he was...just glad the car was safe.

    Tonight, right now, I'm having a hard time with detachment. He found a "friend". Just learned that he brought his new friend home at 2 am and said to GFGmom "this is my friend X and he is going to spend the night". GFGmom said fine. The boy didn't leave until today around five pm. OMG! I am not homophobic. Honestly! But what Mother would say fine to her son bringing a strange kid to the house to spend the night. GFGmom makes me sick! A huge decision was made and there was no parental input. Just "ok". easy child/difficult child told me about it and he is irate. The friend X was a former lover of the girl who lived in the apartment with difficult child. Little difficult child was extremely into rather distored religious views (also part of AS) and now I'm assuming he is anticipating he will burn in hell. on the other hand, he may be so glad to have a friend that he will believe he is homosexual. Yeah, tonight, right now I am beyond angry that this boy has had no guidance. Vent. Vent. DDD
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    Vent away DDD, sounds like you certainly need to. omg

    I see this type of deal in my future........and I so don't want to ever go down that road. But katie can't parent them at their current teens it's just not going to be pretty.