Ghost you watch them?


I love watching ghost shows, like Ghost Hunters, and theres one on Discovery Channel I think that shows reinactments of peoples stories about mostly possession by the demonic type of spirits. husband gets onto me for watching these shows, because it never fails, I scare the bejesus out of myself afterwards at every noise, bump, etc. I know with Halloween coming, there will be lots of stuff like this on t.v. The weird thing is, last Halloween a friend and I went on a ghost hunt thingy with "professionals" in a historical building...all night long. I thought it was funny and amusing at the time, not scary at all. But the days afterwards, weird things were happening at home. One of the ladies on the ghost hunting team told me that every time after they have one of these, their senses are all very intune with "spirits" and that is why you hear more, notice more. Anyway...just wondering if any of you watch these or have this same interest (or am i strange? lol)


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I love Ghost Hunters! I love that they debunk it scientifically or with their RotoRooter background. It's great! Of course, when they caught his sheet being lifted by his foot, like the story went, that really freaked me out!

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I don't mind watching them. Although I lost interest in Ghost Hunters after I think 2 shows. They strike me as phoney. (I have a bit of a problem believing that ghost are going to be measurable with intruments lol)

But I have caught a few good specials on Disc channel that I wouldn't mind watching again. You might want to keep an eye out there as Halloween approaches.

So no, you're not weird. lol


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OK, I'm being a cynic here (= scientist) but one big reason why days after a ghost tour you'd be noticing weird things happening - you've been programmed to think along those lines by the ghost tour. Where normally if a jar falls off the kitchen bench you would pick it up without thinking, now your mind is saying, "Hmm, why did that happen?" and thinking for a supernatural cause BEFORE you think of a logical one. You've been sensitised - but not necessarily in any spooky way.

That doesn't mean I totally disbelieve in ghosts - "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio...".
My mother moved house about three years after my father died. It had been a house full of their love and he especially had loved that house. He had his favourite places, his routines and we were so used to him. He would sit out on the front porch and watch the sea. In the evenings he would pour himself a drink and walk barefoot across the kitchen floor to get some soda water in his drink. Or we'd hear the side gate rattle loudly as it clanged shut when he came through it. My sister had moved into a house she built on the back half of the property, so she was always popping in to check up on Mum. We were staying in Mum's house so our large brood wouldn't be disturbed by hers, and vice versa.
My mother had just moved into her new, very small, flat. husband & I were staying at the house - still furnished and now on the market. The kids were asleep. It was about 9 pm. husband was dozing in one of the recliner chairs while I read my book. I heard the very quiet sound of bare feet on the kitchen lino and mentally thought, "that will be my sister, I wonder what she wants," and turned around to see - an empty room. Then I remembered - I hadn't heard the back door squeak and slam - this house was full of noises which sequenced, and the bare feet on the kitchen floor had not been preceded by any other noise.
I checked the kids, in case it was one of them but I knew it hadn't been - the footsteps had been those of an adult, not the patter of a small child.

Another day, mid-afternoon, I heard the side gate slam. But it hadn't moved, nobody had opened it.

Did I hear my father's ghost? I like to think so. He was happy there, I didn't feel at all afraid. I felt safe.
It is possible that being in that house and remembering past familiar noises tricked my mind into thinking it heard what it had heard so many times before. Who knows?

If ghosts exist I do not think they are anything to fear or be spooked by. And we also have to be aware first of the logical explanations. Only when something cannot be explained logically, should we begin to give any credence to the apparently illogical.

Mind you, I still watch ghost shows myself. And UFO shows. I like to try to find logical explanations, but that doesn't stop me wondering.



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I LOVE these shows! Besides "Ghost Hunters" (my least favorite) there's "Dead Famous" and "Haunted History" where they show all the haunted places in a particular city. There's lots more.

Usually during the last week of October The History Channel has a regular marathon of these shows on. I can't wait!

I DO believe in some of this because I live in a 160-year old house and things happen. Don't have time to go in to it now but maybe later, after work.


Donna, I would LOVE to hear your stories of what has happened in your house. Also, does the show you mentioned about all the haunted places in one particular town come on History channel?
I have to tell you that when we first moved into our house a few months ago, husband and difficult child were out for the night and I took easy child to see Hairspray. We came home and I took the dog out, when I was heading back into the house I heard very loud knocking, like someone was knocking on a door. I came in and asked easy child, what are you doing? why are you knocking? She was in the bathroom and didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Well, about 5 min. later ding a ling dog had to go BACK outside. While we were outside, I heard easy child scream and she came running out of the house. I said, what? what? She said, mom someone is in our house, they are beating on a door I hear it. I grabbed the car keys and we sat across the street waiting on husband to come home. When he drove up, we told him what had happened. He thinks that there are rabbits under our house. Our neighborhood has alot of them. But still for them to be making that exact noise? I swear it sounded like someone beating on a door to get out. The other thing that has happened is about a week ago, I had just fallen asleep and I heard very destinctly someone say "next time". I shot straight up in bed, husband never woke up. But I asked him the next day if that has ever happened to him and he said yes, he thinks its something that we just hear when we first fall asleep, he doesn't believe in ghosts.


You know, the timing of this thread is eerily appropriate because I never watch these shows (I'll tell you why in a min), but watched one last night on the Discovery Channel and today this thread is here. :hypnosis:

difficult child has severe anxiety and when she was little someone said something to her once about ghosts and it took me forever to convince her that there weren't any ghosts in our house...and by forever, I mean weeks. I ended up telling her that there aren't ghosts, only angels because just telling her that ghosts aren't real wasn't enough. It took a lot of convincing, though, thus why I don't watch these shows. If difficult child saw them and thought for one second there was any validity to them, she'd be in a panic.

I do believe, like Marg, said that there is more to heaven and earth.


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and all they want is my individual attention...and a sip of my soda...and whatever I happen to be eating...and a ride to their friends...and...

ooopps, sorry was channeling ... I see dead people.... :future:


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Tinamarie, just to reassure you - rabbits COULD be responsible - when alarmed, they thump their hind feet, very fast and hard. Sometimes it's only an isolated thump - just one - or sometimes a rabbit will thump in a moderately rapid sequence. It's an alarm signal for them, it's to warn other rabbits to be alert, the thumping rabbit thinks there is danger. But a solitary rabbit will do it too. And it's a really hard thump, it can sound very loud and also sound like it's coming from somewhere else.
Our house is on a concrete slab, on sand, and yet if there is roadworks or any jackhammering within a couple of km we can feel the vibrations in the house - a rabbit thump will travel the same way, so if it is under your house, it will really resonate. You can even get the drumming sound 'reflected' from other solid objects which are more inclined to resonate - I've sat with drummers, holding a drum which I wasn't beating, yet I could feel my drum vibrating in sympathy with the others.

And the voice you've heard - it's a fairly common phenomenon when you first fall asleep. In fact, as we fall asleep we pass through several pre-sleep and then sleep phases of which we are unaware - if roused at that point, we would swear we had not been asleep, but brainwave measurements taken at the same time (commonly used in sleep studies) would argue differently. I've been woken in a similar manner by the phone ringing, desperate to get to the phone before husband gets woken by it, only to realise within a couple of seconds that the phone is NOT ringing after all. Blasted annoying, though - by that stage I'm wide awake, much more so than if I had merely thought someone had spoken to me.

While I'm not ruling out psychic phenomena, I believe that there are many more rational explanations than supernatural ones.

And at our place, the knocking on the door wouldn't be attributed to a rabbit, husband would be saying, "Get that blasted possum off the roof!" Although they don't knock, they just sound like the roof is being attacked by a herd of elephants.



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I do believe in ESP and I do watch the shows on Court TV at night
that include psychics assisting law enforcement and the team of
?? "haunting mysteries" (I think it's called that.) DDD


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Okay ya go.

After difficult child was born we moved into this "fixer upper" and I mean fix. My son was around 14 months and really talking well. It was a single story house and from the front door you could see down a hallway to the very back. ALL the rooms went off to the left or right of this hallway and the bathroom could be seen from my bedroom.

I would run Dudes bath and lay out his clothes on my bed. While the water was running I would set him in his crib and throw his dirty clothes in the laundry room. The first time I heard a noise I thought it was Dude. I ignored it.

Every time I would give him a bath and lay him on my bed to dry he would crane his neck and giggle. Always looking toward the bathroom. One night after his bath he was giggling and almost playing peek a boo with seemingly no one - he belted out a name NICKY...and then began to cry. In an instant after beginning to cry he stopped and started to giggle again. You can imagine my horror. I thought my infant was mental.

I would put him down for a nap, pick up his toys, put them on the shelf and shut the door. I would hear the jack in the box music, then POP, open the door and 1/2 of the toys would be on the flor and he would be sound asleep. THis went on for weeks. I thought my son was an acrobat or some type of weird unlevel bookcase was to blame.

One afternoon I was standing in the kitchen - it was August and around 110 degrees outside. I was washing dishes and the room got so cold. I figured it was a glitch in the a/c. Then I smelled the sweetest lilac smell. Maybe the neighbors were cutting a tree and the smell was coming in from the a/c??? I had explained away everything but what happened next.

I heard a noise in the bathroom and my son was fast asleep in his room. I heard toy noises like a child splishing in the tub and as I walked down the hall to investigate what I was sure was a malfunctioning toy or possible rat - a child about 4 years old rushed past me so fast I could only see her head and torso. It completely freaked me out. I could NOT figure out what the neighnors boy was doing in my bathroom or why he ran out. And HOW he ran through a locked double bolted steel door was beyond me, but I checked next door, and - well her kids were with their grandma.

After that I called my mom. I was white as a ghost. I called my husband and said we were outta that house. What happened next defies anything I've ever believed.

My (now x) told me I was crazy. (OF course) and a couple days later we went to the landlords home to put in a kitchen floor. When we got to the house I noticed hundreds of pictures of their foster children on the wall. The house we lived in used to be their home. I asked the woman and she told me they had over 300 foster children in their life. 300!? WOW. But there on the walls were pictures and pictures and I was holding my son and we walked down the hall looking at all the children and my son yelled out NIKKI! I looked at the largest picture on the wall and it was one of those kinda grey pictures retouched with color - the little girl had blond hair.

The landlady hearing the name came down the hall and said in a really gruff tone "WHAT did he say?" and I said pointing to the little girls picture "NIkki." She started to cry. I asked what was wrong and she said "Nikki was our first child - our own. I put her in the tub with some toys and only ONLY 3 or 4 inches of water to play, and she had a seizure and died in the tub of the bathroom of the house you live in. We gave her CPR in the hallway, but she perished." She was our only daughter other than Rhonda, she's the reason we got into foster care...have you seen her? How does he know her name."

I couldn't bring myself to tell her what I'd experienced, but I told her that we knew no one named Nikki for my son to belt out that particular name, but children are sensitive to things. Maybe he sensed it from her. We left her house and never spoke of it again.

A few weeks later, my x was home baby sitting and "nikki" stood right at the edge of the chair he was sitting in, giggled then ran through the kitchen and through the door. This was a huge big, tough, no bs macho man who was reduced to the pale color of eggs. He called me and told me he had seen "her" and I said "OH you're crazy".

My Mom talked to someone about the situation and belive me I'm a Christian, come from a God fearing family but was told to actually speak out and tell "her" she was welcome to stay in that house if she would stop playing with the toys, stay out of the bathroom and running down the halls while we lived there. We moved about 3 years later, but the entire time we were there we never heard from her again.

- The people that moved in after us, moved out in less than a month. The people that moved in after them, the same and so it was for 4 more families until her natural sister moved into the house with her family and to the best of my knowledge they're still there.

I have other ghost stories too, but I think people get the idea that you're really 'out there'. I've seen a lot LOT of bizzare stuff I can't explain, but what gets me about ghost hunters after what I've experienced in my life (and Margurite may well be spot on about a bunch of it) is that they seem to me like it's a little more drama. Think about it....if a spook came up behind you in a house and whispered in your ear you would NOT stand there I DON"T CARE WHO YOU would lightning.

I've told DF for months....I would LOVE to be in a house that they are going to search and set it up to really let them experience 1/2 of what we went through. I don't think they'd spend the night!

Hope this gives you a real ghost story - like I said the rest are just beyond telling, difficult child experienced and still does "things" he can't explain too. I've never EVER told him he played peek a boo in his first home with what we believe was a left behind little spirit.

- Better now! And you thought I was kidding when I said I see dead people. Oh and that lady psychic that talks to the animals....she's full on manure. No self respecting donkey would ever lay it on the line for her.


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Marg is right about the rabbits. Nichole had Thumper for several months. There was a reason for his name other than the Bambi movie. When he thumped even in his cage it was LOUD.

So that might be your problem.

I believe there is much more to the world than science has even remotely begun to touch. But I am skeptical of many stories. I admit.

The most profound memory I have of my grandfather is the smell of the tobaco he smoked in his pipe. I rarely got to see my grandfather. But when I did, he'd lit up his pipe and I'd sit on his lap breathing it in.

When he passed the strangest things started to happen. In the parking lot of Krogers while putting grocery bags into the car I suddenly smell my grandfather's pipe. I wip my head around trying to find a person smoking a pipe. It smelled as if they were right next to me. But no one in the lot had a pipe, and even if they did they were so far away I doubt I'd have been able to smell it.

Chills ran down my spine. I'd not smelled that scent since I was about 6 years old. (when grandpa decided I was too big for sitting on his lap)

I dismissed it as coincidence.

Several times over the course of months this happened. The location could be at home or when I was out and about. I still have it happen from time to time although it isn't often these days.

I inherited only one item from my grandfather. He left me the pipe he used to smoke when I sat on his lap as a little girl.

I believe it's his way of letting me know he's near. And I smile when I smell that scent.


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Tinamarie - The "Haunted History" series has been on the History Channel, but they've had the same shows on other channels and called them something else. They've done lots of different cities - Charleston (where my daughter lives), New Orleans, the Fla. Keys - there's probably a couple of dozen all together.

About my little house (and I'll probably go on and on here) ... there's nothing that I have ever seen or heard - but my dogs have! The house was built sometime between 1847/1849 and is one of the oldest still standing around here, although it's been redone several times. In 1850 a family moved in and their 18-year old son later went on to become the local Civil War hero, so it's all very well documented. It stayed in the family until four years ago when the last one, an elderly lady, sold the house to my landlord when she went in to a nursing home and died a few months later. So I'm the only non-family member to ever live here! It has a weird U-shaped floor plan with two front rooms, both with doors opening to the front porch. One is the living room and the other a big bedroom, both with fireplaces. There's a connecting door but it's blocked off with a sofa in the living room and a big bed in the bedroom. I just pretend the door isn't there. The house is rumored to have once been part of the Underground Railroad - and there is a large cellar of sorts dug out under the house - supposedly connected to other houses by tunnels. You can still see where some of them were.

But anyway ... When I moved in four years ago, I had my two Boston Terriers, Rudy and Ragan. Rudy was 12 years old and Ragan was just a year. Rudy, who never left my side, absolutely refused to go in that big front bedroom! If I went in, she would sit right in the doorway, looking around anxiously, but never set foot in there! Ragan though, LOVED that room. She'd run right in and sit in the fireplace. But what was so weird though - one night I was working in there and both dogs were sitting in the door way. And they were watching something! There was absolutely nothing there, not even a bug! But they were both very intently watching "something" like an invisible animal going around the edges of the room! Both sets of big googly eyes looking at exactly the same spot, both of their little heads moving in perfect unison as they watched whatever it was go around the room! And they did the same thing a few days later in the living room! They were sitting side by side on the sofa, both of them following the progress of some invisible "something" going from one corner of the ceiling to the other! I made them stop because they were creeping me out!
But (if you're still with me here!) the strangest thing was just a few weeks ago. My little Rudy died three years ago - Ragan is five now and I have another Boston, Katy, who is three. Katy has an old chewed up pink ball that she's obsessed with! I throw this ball to her a thousand times a day. She sleeps with it like a kid with a teddy bear. She always has it with her. If she loses it, she always knows where it went, she just can't get at it, and she'll show me right where it is so I can get it for her! So this one morning she was playing with it on the back of the sofa and it apparently fell down behind there. She was hysterical, crying and whining and I had to go to work and didn't have time to try to get it out. When I came home from work, I let her out of her crate and went to get the broom to see if I could dislodge her ball from under the sofa. It’s a sleeper sofa and too heavy to move by myself and the mechanism hangs down almost to the floor underneath it. So, if you can picture this (the dog lovers will understand!) … I’m sprawled on my stomach on the floor, trying to see under the sofa and jabbing a broomstick around under there. And Katy is sprawled on HER stomach, right next to me, trying to see under there – she knew I was looking for her ball. And suddenly I hear the very distinct loud sound of Katy’s ball bouncing on the floor! She heard it too and looked at me like … “Did you hear that too?” She KNEW it was her ball … but it wasn’t under there! I was ready to give up and Katy was heartbroken! So a while later I was getting ready for bed and unlatched the door to the back bedroom to get something – and there was Katy’s pink ball on the floor, a foot away from the door! It was NOT there before! That door stays latched all the time to keep the dogs from playing in there. I had opened it that morning to get clothes out of the closet but Katy was in her crate with the ball the whole time the door was open and it was securely latched the whole time she was out. And she didn’t lose track of her ball until I was ready to leave for work! Does this make any sense at all?? The connecting door between the two rooms is closed and can't open because of the furniture up against it and it couldn’t have gone through the wall! It’s almost like some mischievous “something” HID IT from her – but I definitely heard it hit the floor (in a closed room!) and she heard it too!

(insert “Twilight Zone” theme song here … )

... and when I get my second wind I'll tell you what my former boss used to see in HIS old house every morning!


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OK, now my former bosses’ house…

He bought this old two-story house several years ago – built sometime in the 1850’s. Upstairs there were about five or six bedrooms. The downstairs had the old fashioned floor plan with a wide central hallway going all the way from the front door to the back of the house and all the downstairs rooms opened on to this central hallway, which also had the staircase going to the upper floor. His living room was about ten feet down this hall from the front door and was connected by an old set of French doors that always stayed open.

This story has DOGS too – imagine that! He had two dogs, a little pug and a huge German shepherd that wasn’t afraid of anything! But both dogs avoided the very back bedroom that they never used – they couldn’t even be coaxed to go in! But several times he’d be home alone, with the dogs fooling around upstairs, and suddenly something would scare both dogs so bad, they’d come flying down the stairs in a blind panic! He said one time they were moving so fast and were so scared that the big one tripped over the little one and they both rolled down the stairs and just laid there at the bottom shaking and trembling!

But the creepy thing … when he was getting ready for work in the mornings he got in the habit of going into the living room with his coffee and watching the news for a few minutes while he put on his shoes and did his last-minute stuff. And one morning he was tying his shoes and out of the corner of his eye he saw what looked like a very tall, slim elderly man in an old fashioned business suit going down the hall towards the front door! He couldn’t see the front door from his living room, just part of the hallway. Of course, nobody was there. Scared him half to death! Next morning he saw it again! Same old man, going towards the front door! He said he only caught the movement, or would see him out of the corner of his eye – if he just sat and watched the door looking for it, he wouldn’t see it. It happened over and over again and finally he just started saying, “Good morning” to the ol’ guy! Perfectly harmless … but weird! He figured it was probably more of an “imprint” – some long ago previous owner had probably walked down that hall heading for work every day for 40 or 50 years!

If that had been me, I would have tried to find out who had lived in that house and see if one of them looked like the old guy!

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Donna I think "someone" in the house was either in a teasing mood, or playing a trick on Katy because of how much she's obsessed with the ball. lol

I have another which actually involves Nichole at age 10. Now bare in mind my kids weren't allowed to watch prime time tv until way into their teens, and scarey movies of any type they never saw.

At age 10 our dog Molly was a puppy and slept with Nichole on the top bunk of the bunk beds she shared with easy child. In the middle of the night Nichole woke up feeling that someone was watching her. (she never experienced such a thing before this or after)

She woke to discover a little girl about 6 yrs old (her estimation) dressed in a penafore type dress, black stockings, and black high top shoes. The little girl had blonde curls and blue eyes. This little girl was sitting at the bottom of the top bunk watching Nichole and Molly. At first Nichole thought she was still asleep til she felt Molly shaking next to her and heard her growl deep in her throat. Nichole said she rubbed her eyes and pinched herself. The girl smiled as if amused. So Nichole began to call out to wake easy child who was still sleeping in the bottom bunk. (she wanted easy child to see the girl too) But couldn't get easy child to wake. Nichole said it was a very long time before the little girl left her bed.

Now I'd naturally believe this was either a dream or a childs vivid imagination. Except that Nichole kept the incident to herself. Instead of coming out and telling me what had happened, she instead started asking questions about what happens after you die and such. After a couple of days of such weird questions I demanded to know why the sudden curiousity. And that's when she told me about the little girl.

Later I asked easy child if anything had happened during the night that she could recall over the past couple of days. She told me that one night she'd heard Molly growling and Nichole calling her name but couldn't wake up enough to bother getting up to see what she wanted. (this I believe because easy child is like her Dad, and had slept thru the fire at the house next door. A bomb could go off and not wake her lol)

When Nichole was finally allowed to watch the Sixth Sense when she was a teen..... Well, I've never seen someone with such a dark complexion go so stark white.



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I've had the experience that Marg was talking about too, just before you fall asleep - twice - but both times it was live people!

The first time was when my daughter was nine months old. We lived in Florida then and my parents lived here in Tennessee and they hadn't seen my daughter yet. Long story there. But I was sound asleep one night and was jarred wide awake by my fathers' loud voice calling my name! It was HIS voice and like he had yelled my name right in my ear! Weird! A few days later we got our tax refund and I bought a plane ticket and flew to Tennessee with my baby daughter and spent a very nice week with my parents. My dad adored my daughter - their first granddaughter! We left to fly home on a Saturday - and my dad died of a massive heart attack that following Monday - less than 48 hours after we left!

The second was two and a half years ago and it was my son. Some of the older members may remember that he made a very serious suicide attempt and ended up in a coma in the ICU on a ventilator for several days. He was starting to come out of it but had gotten pneumonia and they were keeping him heavily sedated and restrained, hoping to clear the pneumonia before they let him come all the way out of it and removed the ventilator. I was staying in the family lounge on the bottom floor where they let relatives stay the night in a big room full of recliners. I was exhausted but couldn't sleep that night and was wide awake, just laying there. Everybody else was sleeping and the whole big room was quiet. And suddenly I heard what could only be described as a loud, garbled, angry, sputtering scream ... and I KNEW that it was my sons voice! I KNEW it! It sounded just like he was right next to me! I sat there completely freaked out for about ten minutes ... and then one of the monitors came and told me that I had a phone call! It was one of the ICU nurses, and she said that my son had apparently woke up enough to grab the ventilator tube and yank it right out of his throat! But he was AWAKE and he was OK! Mad as all get out and had no idea where he was or what was going on, but he was OK! And it would have been VERY painful to pull that tube out because there's a little bulb at the end that inflates to keep it in place - they DE-flate it to remove the tube, but he just yanked it out. He's lucky he didn't injure his vocal cords, but he was OK! And I HEARD HIM DO IT!! I was down on the first floor of this huge hospital and he was in the seventh floor ICU, but I heard him!


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I know I'm a sceptic, but not totally. I just try to find a rational explanation for as much as possible, and figure maybe someday there will be an explanation for the rest.

But I did tell you about my father and hearing his footsteps, several years after he died.

I've often thought about the concept that hauntings like this are echoes of someone still lingering in some fragmentary way in a place where they were happy perhaps, or spent a lot of time. In the same way that a place we live in changes us in some way, it also will take on some of our characteristics. We choose the colours, we arrange our belongings, we talk to the walls sometimes...

husband lived in a haunted room for a couple of years. The cat would never go in that room. When our friends first moved in to the old Sydney terrace house, the girls in the group sensed an old woman, a friendly person, as if grandma was there and watching them. One night one of the girls was getting a taxi home and the driver said to her, "Oh, I see you live in the haunted house."
The girl went to the library next opportunity and looked up old newspapers and records, finally finding the report of the little old lady axe-murdered there.
They never saw her, neither did husband or I, and we spent a lot of time there over a number of years. But that back room always felt welcoming and friendly.

My sister rented a house from her husband's family, so she knew of the ghost before she moved in. The haunted room was used for storage and always felt cold. I remember being very nervous of that room. I loved the rest of the house, but that one room really bothered me. it bothered my sister, too.

Now it could be argue that there were many reasons to be nervous of that room - the door creaked because the house was old and had shifted slightly. Maybe the floorboards were draughtier in there. Who knows? And maybe the rumour of the house being haunted had influenced the girls to 'perceive' her.

But one thing I do know - when husband & I were first engaged, I became very ill. I had to go into hospital for tests, which involved a general anaesthetic so they could catheterise my bladder and up towards the kidney, so they could inject dye in from that direction to examine what turned out to be a genetic defect. husband had said goodbye to me before the anaesthetic and then left to go into the city to collect some university work. He was a good hour's drive away and indoors for most of the time, he was not to return until evening.

They brought me around from the anaesthetic, so they could have me cooperate and keep still while they took the X-rays. There was a storm outside, I could hear the thunder. There was no window in the room but I could see the clock - it was 4 pm, I had been under anaesthetic for half an hour. I was still feeling groggy while they tilted me on the table here and there, finally turning the table vertical so I was standing up on the end of it. Then they injected the dye - and it was agony. Each time he pushed on the syringe it felt like someone was mashing a crowbar into my insides. I couldn't help moving, I was groaning in pain. Appalling. I would try to keep still but I was almost screaming. The radiologist said, "One last bit and then we take the series while it drains out again - last bit now."
Just then there was an almighty clap of thunder and the power went out. Everything went dark and someone turned on a torch. The radiographer returned from the phone and told us that the hospital power supply had been hit by lightning. The radiologist was swearing.
"What about the generator?" I asked.
"We're non-essential," he told me. He apologised profusely, but we had to wait until the power came back on - another half hour. It was now 4.30 and we had to do the entire series again, only this time I was solidly awake and in even more pain. He was shouting at me to keep still and I just couldn't - I was writing in agony each time he injected more dye. Then he finished and completed the series, apologising again, but I was too upset. Tears pouring down my face, I just wanted husband back with me and giving me a hug.

husband turned up later on, right on time at about 6 pm. "Are you OK?" he asked. "I had this terrible sense that something had gone wrong."
"You?" I asked. He's not the psychic type, I am more than he is. Then he asked me, "What was happening at 4.30?"
I told him.
It's not really happened since - not between him and me - but it WAS pretty amazing.