Glad I didn't know about this until it was over!!!

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    I would have been worried sick! The things you learn on Facebook!

    Turns out there was a big mixup and a mistake in the newspaper (where we used to live) and for quite a while people, including family members, were thinking that my kids' cousin had died in a fire! This cousin "S" (on their dads' side) is the one my daughter has been like sisters with since they were babies! She was like my third kid! She was even the maid of honor at my daughters wedding!

    So the newspaper reported that there had been a house fire and that a woman the same age as the cousin had died. They weren't going to give the victims name ... but then they gave the cousins' address and went on to say that property tax records listed the owners of the house as "S" and her husband! :surprise: Way to go folks! So then everybody that knows them was thinking that their house burned down and that she died in the fire! But then the local TV news was reporting a conflicting story ... what a mess!

    But what really happened ... the house next door to them caught fire in the middle of the night! They were the ones who called 911. And apparently the newspaper reporter wasn't even there and got the street number wrong so they reported it as their house instead of the house next door! Just a coincidence that the woman was the exact same age. They said she was renting the house and had just moved in - didn't have the electric connected yet and was using candles! I'm very sorry for the woman who died but so glad it wasn't the cousin!

    Good grief! You'd think they'd at least make sure they had the right address before they put something like that in the paper! And usually I read at least the headlines of that paper online before I go to work, but I didn't that morning because I was running late! I didn't find out about it until the cousin posted on Facebook that, contrary to rumors going around, she was NOT dead!
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    Wow. Good thing you found out after the fact. That would've been horrible!!!