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    Who read this?
    I requested this for Christmas.
    My husband and son gave it to me as one of my presents.
    I read it non stop.
    A mom and dad with LOTS of issues/strange behavior raise several kids ... take them on "adventures" throughout the country. Most of the children end up okay (with the probable exception of one), but mom and dad ... nope...not exactly. I read it so fast...I don't remember much of the details. It is one WEIRD and INTERESTING book. I had to keep from crying a few times. My jaw dropped several times. It is a true account of the author's childhood. It reminded me...bits and pieces of things I have heard of the lives of other people...of difficult child thinking...all rolled up into one.

    So...who read it? What did you think?

    Just saw this review at amazon and IT almost made me cry...
    (She starts off by saying that she knew the author when she was younger and then says that she can "attest" to their life"
    .....with an alcoholic father and mentally ill mother in the coalfields of WV was as she says. This was a compelling read, all the more so, because it was about people and places I knew so well. As I read, I was filled with sorrow and shame because I was one of those people who didn't want to have close association with them because they were so different from me. I try to asuage my guilt by telling myself I saw things from a child's maturity level. I wish I could apologize and find myself wondering what would have happened if I had befriended Jeanette. She could have enriched my like tremendously.
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    That is beautiful!
  3. Steely

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    LOVE this my favs of all times. Seriously wish I could write a memoir like that.
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    Who's the author? This sounds like a book I would like to read- thanks for posting about it!
  5. This is a wonderful book by Jeanette Walls. I read it straight through , I just couldn't put it down. I believe it to be a book full of hope; that kids raised in unbelievable situations CAN make it through to a productive life. The part about seeing her mother rummaging through a trash can on the streets of New York just absolutely broke my heart. I knew that any of us could be there with her.

    I grew up in Appalachia and I can tell you that this book is so accurate. There were families like this in my community and we all felt so powerless to assist. It's good to know that Jeanette found her way out and has moved on to such a productive life. She tried to "fix" her parents, but she just couldn't.

    It's a powerful book, but have the tissues at hand!
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    It sounds really good. I'll look for it.
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    Gosh, I've never heard of it. Sounds fantastic. I got a B&N card for Christmas. I'm getting this book!
    Thank you.
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    Up for Terry!
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    Yaaay! I'm not going crazy after all. Thank you for uncovering this thread. :)
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    I need to ask those of you that had a similar sort of upbringing to the author: did this book make you feel better or worse about your childhood? I'd hate to read this and feel (more) resentment toward my parents.
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    Ok, ok. I ordered the book. I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I am not sure I had a similar upbringing to correctly answer your question - however - there was not one ounce of "anger" or "resentment" that I felt emanating from that book. Instead it was one of insight from a little girl that loved her daddy and mommy very much. It was so insightful, and really written from almost a ten year olds point of view, that unlike some memoirs where you are emotional drained; this one was innocent, and full of love, despite their unbelievable obstacles.

    There is another great memoir that is similar called The Liars Club.
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    Thank you.