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    (I hope I posted on the right catagory)

    I am starting difficult child on gluten free asap! Hoping this will help his behavior..

    Where do you buy the foods? I just went on line and bought a bunch of stuff from the first website I this the best way?
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    I could be wrong.....maybe the Natural Treatments forum "might" have some suggestions too! I'm sure there are many here that can help though. I have a friend that has been gluten free for a few years now & finds many items in the local store, health food stores & online. Many options. Good luck ;)
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    Maybe one of the moderators can move this to the Natural Treatments forum. I think most of us over there will see it here, too, though.

    What kind of food did you order online? I order pretzels, flour, and some cake mixes online. Stores like Whole Foods and some health food stores will have it, too. Even regular grocery stores are starting to have the gluten free items but not as large of a selection.

    Here is a list of common grocery store items that you can eat. It is several years old so you need to read the ingredients before you buy anything but it will be a starting point.

    My children and I are all on the gluten free (and casein free) diet. Since I also eat it, I know that most of what you buy ready-made is not very good. I would start your child on naturally gluten free foods first and let him try the gluten free substitute foods once you know if you are going to continue it. If he tries some of that food, he will more than likely be turned off from the whole thing. You really need his cooperation to do it. I will tell you a really good brownie mix is the Gluten Free Pantry brownie truffle mix. Before I needed to be gluten free myself, I compared it to a regular brownie mix and it was much better!

    Naturally gluten free foods are whole, unprocessed foods. Regular cuts of meat that you season yourself, cheese, eggs, a lot of yogurts, fruits, vegetables, rice (not preseasoned mixes usually), potatoes.

    It would be worth your time to go to and search on foods to see what most people like. It will save you from a lot of bad pre-made gluten free substitute foods. You can also read many tips on how to start the diet and stories from people who have noticed dramatic improvements in their kids or themselves for inspiration.
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    If you go natural, and as raw as possible (in terms of ingredients) then you will KNOW what is in the food you serve. If you learn the ingredients likely to be a problem, then it doesn't take long to check labels when you buy processed food, and of course simple ingredients are easy to check.

    It's healthier, easier, and a lot cheaper to make it yourself. I have a friend whose daughter is coeliac, the mother is a good cook who has found a lot of delicious recipes for when her daughter is visiting and she doesn't want her daughter to feel deprived. She made her daughter a gluten-free chocolate mud cake for her wedding cake.

    Special diets needn't cost the earth.

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    we have a Trader Joe's not too far from us, but they also do mail order I believe
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    I've purchased from our local health food store, and I've mail ordered through (folks here suggested it). I've gotten a few cereals from the grocery store.
    I am trying to make as many things as possible at home.
    It's time consuming but worth it, since it really changes our difficult child's behavior. We discovered his diet wasn't as strict as we thought it was at camp.

    I'm going to figure out how to make bread crumbs for chicken and fish. I'll let you know how it works out. My first try was a disaster. Too gummy, or too dry.
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    TryingHard, how's the new diet going? Any improvements?