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    When easy child was at CIA completing her baking and pastry arts degree, she had an excellent chef for her gluten free baking class. He happened to write an outstanding cookbook with outstanding recipes for those cooking and making foods that are gluten free - and yummy. We bought the book the last time we went up to move her stuff back home and ran into Chef Coppedge and he signed it for us!

    easy child, difficult child and I do some major baking every holiday season and we always end up making some gluten free items for some of our family that is celiac. This year, we've challenged ourselves to make everything gluten free. easy child said that baking breads, etc., using a gluten free method is actually easier than traditional yeast breads, etc., so don't be intimidated. I can't wait to try out some of these recipes and thought I would share the link here since so many people have gone gluten free. Also, Coppedge gives some serious history about gluten and celiac disease and how it was first discovered. Interesting reading as well as cooking. Incidentally, there are other things in the cook book besides baking...lots of delicious MEALS that are gluten free. Well worth the price. We've already tagged several items to make.
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    Thanks for the info Jo. I have a good friend who takes care of her niece who could really benefit from the cookbook. I will email her the link today!

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    Thanks, Jo. I haven't seen this one before.

    I am glad to hear they are teaching gluten free baking at the CIA. I've been doing this diet for my younger daughter off and on for 9 years and it keeps getting easier with more options available.
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    Thanks, Jo. :)

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    Thank you!
    For those of you with- headaches or with children with headaches....
    lots of thought that gluten sensitivity can and will contribute to headaches.