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    I know many here are serving gluten free foods to one or more family members. Some of us will try it this year for various reasons. Some people report great changes when they or their child switches to a gluten free diet. We tried it several times over the years just to see if it would help difficult child function better, thank you cope better, everyone's allergies, etc...

    It seems much easier to go gluten free now than it was even 5 years ago. If nothing else, labeling on some products makes it easier to figure out what is and is not gluten free.

    I was just reading Bon Apetit's January 2010 issue and they have a short paragraph about a gluten free pasta cook-off. They compared various gluten free pastas and listed the best ones and why.

    Here are their results

    Riso Bello Spaghetti al Riso $7 per package; Mild flavor and tender texture make these noodles a fantastic sub for regular pasta.

    Ancient Harvest Supergrain Quinoa Pasta $20 for 12 boxes; Hearty texture stands up to meat sauces

    Rustichella d'Abruzzo Organic Corn Spaghetti - $8 per package; al dente texture and mild corn flavor would be delicious with seafood like clams, shrimp and even lobster.

    Article is by Nina Elder p. 32 January 2010 Bon Apetit

    I thought this might offer some choices for those with picky eaters who need gluten free diets.
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    I've had Ancient Harvest Supergrain Quinoa Pasta and it is very good with a heavy sauce. For a lighter sauce, we like House of Thai rice noodles.
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    This in interesting. You know if Bon Apetit is doing an article on it, it is getting more common.

    I haven't heard of any of these but will try them. We use mostly Tinkyada spaghetti when we have pasta. I think the spaghetti tastes pretty "normal", but any other shape is not quite right. I serve it to anyone who eats at my house, girlfriend or not. Surprisingly, one boy who wouldn't eat his mother's spaghetti liked my spaghetti better!
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    Great! Thank you!