Gluten sensitivity reaction d*mmit

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by nerfherder, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. nerfherder

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    I had a feed bag full of moldy/stale bread scraps and bits for the goats and chickens.

    Kiddo got into them, possibly as early as Friday afternoon.

    This weekend has not been fun.

    This morning was not fun. We sent the school bus along without picking her up, as she was out of control behaviorally. She tried to force herself onto the schoolbus, and the aide had to physically keep her from getting on. It didn't get any better from there.

    The whole weekend was like this, and this morning I lost control myself, and Blacksmith tried to keep me from breaking things in the kitchen by getting me out of the kitchen.

    I reacted with a very badly performed martial arts breakfall (we used to train together in a class years ago) and landed badly. My tailbone is very, very ouchy. I bet bruised too. Kitchens are not good places to mess up a breakfall. Just in case you wondered.

    So I've been in pain all day, I'm sore this evening. (Even with having planted a dozen grape vines.) We went out to decompress after dinner, and I'm a bit lit too, having taken extra vitamins and water, which is good. But will be short on sleep as a result, but she'll be in school tomorrow so tomorrow morning I think I can get in an hour of naptime. And take lots of Tylenol so I can keep moving - you don't get to call out from livestock. Farms don't work that way.

    Why does it seem like everyone on the boards had a Right Proper Dreadful Monday today?
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    Ewwww! So sorry.

    Wouldn't chickens get sick from the mold, too?
  3. nerfherder

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    Ahhh, the chickens.

    Chickens are omnivores in ways it's not appetizing to think too closely about. During the times of year when they get to range the farm (they will tear up plants during growing and harvest season) if I have to work on the septic line, they will crowd me like a flock of vultures, waiting to "help clean up."

    When you hear stories about chickens packed too closely together in industrial operations, with dead birds and maggots, you *know* something is wrong with those meat breeds, because a healthy normal chicken will peck at their own injured, and they love any kind of insect larvae that I've seen. As a rule I toss the worst moldy bits, but chickens can taste foods similarly to humans and won't eat what they don't like.

    (The goats are more likely to get upset tummies, and the moldy bits as a rule get eaten by the sparrows and other little birds.)

    It's a good question though. Lots of people don't know chickens aren't naturally vegetarian, thanks to the packaging on "all vegetarian feed" chickens. :) And now, time to start breakfasts!
  4. nerfherder

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    Sigh. Kiddo made some comments at school today about how we handled her acting out, and just like last March we had a visit from one of our delightful Deputies. I'm not as upset as last year, Deputy had read the report before coming out, and he didn't seem like he was investigating a serious abuse charge, simply following up as a mandated reporter.

    Last year's was much worse, as they were new to our situation. This year nobody followed the bus home from school to interview everyone and so on. The deputy handling this came out around 8pm-ish, obviously this wasn't an emergency situation in their opinion.

    But still. I always fear that she will figure out she can make our lives miserable by saying whatever she wants, instead of just telling what happened. So far she hasn't gone there.