Goals Week of 4/13


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I feel like I'm having holiday hangover today: tired out from getting ready for Easter company and too much rich food. Polishing off the remaining cheesy potatoes single-handedly certainly didn't help either. Neither did coming off of ten days of prednisone and the return of my period with vengance after a uterine ablation. :faint:

I need to get back to daily and weekly goals and here are mine for Monday:
1) Stay out of the Easter candy. A few pieces planned is okay. Handfuls are not okay. More fruits/veggies, less carbos.
2) Laundy...sigh...there are mountains down there.
3) Get my allergy shot.
4) Pick up daughter for lunch.
5) One small organization job.

I need to get back on track so here's the first step...

:sick: I hope you feel better soon!!! The day after a holiday is always hard even when you're not feeling:faint:. in my humble opinion, there really is no such thing as willpower. If the leftover Easter candy is too tempting and you find yourself reaching for it, throw it away! Even though this is wasteful, for me, this is sometimes the only thing that works.

You CAN do this!!! Accomplishing your goals for today will make you feel much better. Let us know how it goes...

Thinking of you... WFEN



I'm proud of you for getting back to your goals this week. I am coming back to the WW points system this week and my goal is to keep to 18 points, pay the state taxes (wish the Feds would have returned our refund by now to help) and start the paperwork for summer daycare. Manster's last day is May 22! Hugs, ML


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Thanks for the encouragement. I did much better when I listed goals here to be accountable to so I need to get back to that.

1) Stay out of the Easter candy. A few pieces planned is okay. Handfuls are not okay. More fruits/veggies, less carbos. I bombed on the good eating. I left the candy alone but demolished the remaining cheesy potatoes and rolls.
2) Laundry...sigh...there are mountains down there. Done
3) Get my allergy shot. Done
4) Pick up daughter for lunch. Done plus ran two errands for her, plus wrote bills and made it to the post office.
5) One small organization job. Done
4 out of 5, but unfortunately it's the one that is going to add to my hips.:angry-very:


1) Better eating. More fiber and protein, less fat and carbos.
2) I need to work on taxes. I usually leave it to the last minute so it's not a big deal, just needs to be done.
3) Laundry--I did a ton yesterday but there's plenty left down there.

I think four out of five is great! Today is a new day and you can start again. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

If it seems overwhelming, just make a few changes to your diet at a time. For instance, maybe eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water this week. If you just make this change, the fiber and water will fill you up - You might eat less without really being aware of it. Then, next week, add in another goal. The following week another one, etc...

Keep posting here - And remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


Weight Watchers is a great plan. I know YOU CAN SUCCEED!!! I'm with you - I definitely could use my fed refund!!! I have to put deposits on day camp for difficult child 2 before it's too late...

Well, I really need to clean closets. I need to begin some serious Spring cleaning but am NOT in the mood... Maybe, just maybe, I'll make a mini dent in this task... I'm not holding my breath. However, seeing this in print, might motivate me to begin at least by the weekend...

I hope both of you, and everyone else too, has a healthy, productive day...:D WFEN


One day at a time and one project at a time. Maybe just pick one closet, WFEN, the smallest one.

I agree with the accountability factor. I did 20 points yesterday which is still good and I have plenty of bonus points left. One thing that has help me is kashi go lean original which has lots of fiber and some protein and little fat. I eat it like museli.

Thanks for being here to support me through this.