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    I am doing a project that I said I would put into it's updated format for someone. I was told that all of the information was accurate that they just aren't familiar enough with computers to update the format. I thought no biggie I can do that. I aquired this project in the early part of fall. I was putting a little time on it here and there. No one told me there was a deadline. Until the beginning of November. Well I was told it was to be done at the end of November. I started hitting it hard and heavy at that point. Only to discover the information had not been updated by the party responsible.

    I of course said something to all involved about it. Now the person that was supposed to do the work said that it had been ok'd over the summer by someone that left the organization. That is an absolute lie. He had expressed concern at the time that he wasn't sure that she was doing it right.

    So now I am not only "upgrading" it but updating it as well. And some of it is beyond out of date. I get frustrated regularly. It absolutely has to be turned in by January 15. But before that it has to be looked at by several folks. So now every night I sit here and try and get it to be the way it is supposed to be. I wouldn't mind so much but the person that was supposed to do it claims she doesn't have time to get all of it done. I have a bit of a problem with that. She sits in her office and just scans the internet and such all day. She accomplishes very little. Now in a normal world that would be a problem. In this one she is a volunteer. So it is a challenge. And technically where this stuff is concerned she is my supervisor ( I do multiple things with this organization not all of them paid). But everything it seems that goes wrong or isn't done properly she blames on the man that used to be in charge of our area. It in no way is all his fault. It makes me crazy to hear her talk like that.

    Sorry I just had to vent. I will go back to my whole and continue to work on it. I will do it only because it needs doing and done right and at this point not many others will be able to do that.

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    Don't you just want to sometimes scream out loud, "Leave me alone. Stop relying on me! I don't want to be the responsible get-things-done person anymore!"

    When I was younger, I wanted so much for people to realize that I would finish a job correctly, completely, and timely. Now I don't want to be responsible anymore. Why bother finding someone else to do the job when it is easier to just give it to Adrianne? She never says "no" and she will get it done?

    I am learning to say "no". When I can't say "no", I am learning to say, "I will do my best but I will not be able to get to it until next week or the week after." If it needs doing before then, they will have to find someone else to do it.

    I hope someone in the company appreciates you as they should. That is what keeps me going, I know my co-workers and supervisor appreciates my work.
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