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    Hi I have a kid with some anxiety and depression, has been helped by Lamictal, small dose of Adderall and Risperdal. He ahd gone rom barely going to school in 6th grade to going willingly to 8th grrade. He is getting more friends, fitting in. Is shy type. Has made some progress, though not demonstrable progress in school other than he goes all day long and usually attempts most of the work. Is not a behavior problem, but doens't like school except for social piece right now.

    Had neuropsychologist testing down in 2 nd grade because school was such a struggle. tester wasn't sure how much of difficulty of what she was seeing was anxiety vs. inattention. He had some slow processing spend but above average iIQ.. He reads at greade level is pretty verbal, has a very hard time in math (particularly facts, also concepts). It just seems excessively hard for him. Has been on an IEP.

    I am wondering about retesting him whether I would learn new stuff, and stuff that could help him. I wonder how much is attention and whether we could fix that with higher doses of Adderall--though that is kind of scary, how much is anxiety, how much is work avoidance because the work (such as math really is hard). And if it is hard, is there any majic program that would somehow make him grasp it? I sometimes wonder if there is math dyslexia and whether there is a specific math curriculum that would help him. Can I narrow down the questions to get some useful answers? He is several grade levels behind in math. If it is motivation how do you address that?

    Allthis is the contxt of needing to make a decision as to whether Occupational Therapist (OT) push him to regular diploma or a modified diploma. Also inthe direction of career. Hand on would be best, talks aout firecrackers, blowing things up.

    Perhaps you all can help me refine my testing questions to see if I can something out of itl

    Do you think neuropsychologist testing could yield some actionable items?
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    Just two comments...I'm sure others will chime in.
    1. There is "math dyslexia" it's called dyscalculia.
    2. Sounds like what you're looking for is not necessarily neuropsychologist testing. Sounds more like a psychoeducational and social-emotional-behavioral assessment.

    Good luck finding more answers.