Going to alanon this evening :)

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. KFld

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    my girlfriend and I are going to the alanon parent meeting in town tonight to see if it's any different then when we used to go. I'm looking forward to it and hopeing for the best. I'm really in need of working the program and doing for me.

    My sons car still isn't fixed, which in a way is a blessing because his court date is on 3/21 and then he can get his license restored. We sent in the paperwork and the fee, so I'm assuming as soon as he appears he should get the notice shortly afterwards that he can drive again.

    My boyfriend and I made him an offer the other day and I'm still waiting for his answer, but if it's not the one I'm hoping for, then alanon will help me get through it.

    My boyfriend is an angel!! he said to me the other day, even if the car is fixed, we should offer to continue to drive him back and forth to work and give him the option of not driving until he has his license back. Mind you, he is the one running out at midnight to pick him up and he's offering to continue to do this for another week or so.

    I told my son this the other day and I told him he has the option of doing this the legal way and not drive for another week or so, or if he is going to insist on driving when we are giving him the choice to do it the right way, if he gets pulled over and loses his license for longer, or his car gets impounded or whatever happens, he is not to call me. I don't even want to hear it and I will not lift a finger or spend one cent to help him get his car back, or his license restored and will not drive him back and forth to work.

    I'm hoping he choses the right way, but I am preparing myself that he probably won't so this is a good time to get back to alanon. I stated very clearly what will happen and I'll need the strength to stick to it!!
  2. Bean

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    Good for you. I hope you find some support.

    I've been contemplating going, too. Right now I feel more like checking myself into a drug-induced coma center for a while, though. :) (Lame attempt at a joke).
  3. KFld

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    I went years back and it really made a difference in my life then, so I'm hoping it will have the same effect this time. Your option sounds pretty good to me also sometimes though :)
  4. Nancy

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    Karen I hope you find the meeting helpful. I am still searching for one in my area that works for me.

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    I hope the meeting is good and helpful. I hope you all find a good parents meeting. The one I have found is a lifesaver and I am sad that I am going to miss the next two weeks due to other commitments. I find it incredibly helpful.... wish we all lived in the same area so you could all come to the meeting I go to.
  6. Nomad

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    Good for you!
    Honestly, I think these groups are very helpful!