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    well,i posted awhile back i had a 20 year old hooked on k2. He was losing jobs ,lying ,stealing. Well he got into trouble for the stealing ,,local police have told him they will hold off pressing charges if he goes to a rehab out of state and at least a year long. He has agreed and we have had to keep him under our thumbs for the weekend until we can get him in,although not how i wished he would have got help at least he i sgetting it. I hope he sees how bad this is hurting us ,,his other option was 3-5 years in prison. Wish us luck all!!
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    I do wish you all luck and hope he completes the program and turns his life around. Thanks for updating.
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    I certainly hope that your difficult child takes advantage of this opportunity instead of having to go to jail. I like that he is required to stay in the program for a year. We were told that the greatest chance of lasting sobriety is if the person stays for at least a year where they got sober. That doesn't mean that they have to stay in rehab for a year but at least stay in the area and stay in the therapy/support group for at least a year.

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    Wow! A whole year, that would be great if he sticks with it. Sending you many positive vibes and prayers.
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    I hope that he stays in. Will he have to go to jail if he doesn't? That was the condition for my difficult child. It is a good incentive for most. I hope he gets what he needs out of this program and is soon on his way to a better life. -RM
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    Good luck. I hope he takes advantage of this opportunity for a new path in life.