Going to see difficult child this Saturday...


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Thanks all - I am determined to let the light chase out the darkness. My mother is mad that I am bringing it up again but I know she is lying about still being with him. She is just so toxic. She thinks if she ignores something, it won't exist. I see where I got it from. But that stops now. If she can't take the light, she better get out the sunglasses or stay in the house! There is some healing to be done!!


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Well, it kind of explains why she wasn't able to stop on her own. She was failed by the system because she should have gotten either inpatient or outpatient therapy just after her first release.

She is also right about moving to a new place after rehab. It can postpone uniting her with her son because she needs to establish her at the new place before she is given the task to handle the extra stress finding job and parenting as a single mother.