Going to see her this Saturday!


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Hi Annie,
Sorry the "change idea" didn't work out. Must be a Texas thing.

I agree that leaving them "there" is the hardest part. It was during my oldest difficult child's prison time that I had the psychotic breakdown. I was also experiencing panic attacks.

Hoping that this time will be a learning experience for difficult child to grow from. It did work for my oldest difficult child. He is now a father to 3 beautiful little girls. married to an older, very responsible woman, owns his own house, and is a partner in his own business. He struggled with Alcohol for a time after prison but he never went back to Meth, Thank God.
They can overcome. And I am sure you and husband will help difficult child into the future if you see that she is wanting to help herself.

Try and enjoy the peace of knowing where she is..that she is safe, fed, on a normal routine schedule, and that her growth is not being affected by drug use.



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I am happy that you had a good visit. I found the state correctional facilities web sites usually have a list of visitation requirements. You can also call the facility and get information or any changes in policies.

I hate that I even know these things.


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LOL I looked at the visitation guidelines... Before... No shorts, no watches... OK, no problem - except there were people in shorts! LOL and the other stuff was really vague... But now I know. As Kathy said, the things we learn...

I dunno about normal schedule. Apparently she is up till 5-6 AM, sleeps for a few hours and gets up around lunch time...


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What an education, not sure you wanted it but you got it huh? It does sound like a positive visit, she must miss you guys and gosh it would be so hard not to cry when you left. What a long road you've been down with her. I hope some day she realizes and appreciates all your support.