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    With difficult child is always interesting. We have a place here where they show older movies in almost a living room type great room. The screen is large, but not as large as the "real" theatres, and the prices way less. We get in for 8$ for a family of 4. They also sell burgers, pizza, and stuff. When we go I used to make us sit together. Always a fight. difficult child wants to sit exactly in the front and no one else does. So then he would finally calm down, and the movie would start. Then came the incessant questions. He would ask questions the whole time, and no one ever got to see the movie and those around us got annoyed.

    Today, I let him sit in the very front and the rest of us sat 2-3 rows behind. I could see him, he knew where we were. He did not talk for the whole movie. It was amazing. I had to take him his burger when we got it, and sat with him a while. Then I went back to my seat. He did not complain about anything. Everyone got to see the movie.

    Sometimes I wonder (no, I am pretty sure) if my own rigidity gets in the way and makes things worse? Does it really matter if we all sit together? I can see him, it is a small theatre and not too dark, so it is safe. I could not have done this when he was younger. Sometimes I have "DUH" moments. When the answer is obvious and helps so much that I just feel stupid for not finding it earlier.
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    Don't worry, dear -- you've got PLENTY of company in that "DUH" moment department!!! (Move over, would ya?)
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    Oh, I KNOW my rigidity has caused us problems in the past, LOL!! Sometimes it is possible for things to work out well like this, or it could have had a TOTALLY different ending. You don't know unless you try. I CAN say that with my youngest there are so many things that we adjust for automatically that with the oldest would have been UNTHINKABLE to do, I find it pretty funny sometimes.

    It sounds like a really neat theater, and a really fun evening. Sounds like you will have more fun evenings there, esp now that you know a way to make it more enjoyable for ALL of you!
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    Those difficult children work so hard to make us "get" it. :D I bet he was proud of you when you finally past that test. Now, what is the next thing he is trying to teach you?
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    This is part of learning to pick your battles. It's like a light bulb moment when you realize you have been fighting a battle that you really didn't need to fight. Now you can go, not anticipate a meltdown, and all enjoy a night out.
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    Glad it worked out so well! We had a similar experience in church a few years ago. He sat about 8 rows in front of us where we could see and behaved fine! Go figure!