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    I'm loving getting out & golfing with my fellow "cripples". Please forgive the crass humor ~ it floats about the entire league. One double amputee told me that the upside is that he no longer had to worry about cutting his toenails or drying between his toes. I replied that I no longer had to worry about my handicap I come already supplied. And the dark, cynical humor continued.

    Ladies, I would have been ROFL except I was strapped in this solo cart.

    Having said that, the PTs have requested, no demanded I no longer bring the tweedles. They are a distraction for me & I'm not getting the physical exercise I need nor am I enjoying the league like I should. I should be able to golf more than one hole by now except kt & wm begin acting out or complaining. Both PTs told me this was to be my time - period. (Okay, they confronted me as I was leaving.)

    They are right & the tweedles will no longer join me. The tdocs & other mental health providers, on the other hand, are disappointed; they felt it would be a good bonding experience.

    Bonding, smonding ~ the tweedles have had many many many opportunities in the past & will have in the future., Just not on the links.
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    I am glad you are enjoying golfing. For the tweedles, I am sure it got boring fast and we all know that a bored difficult child can cause lots of stress as they find annoying ways to entertain themselves.

    Does Kt's school offer golf? How about a summer program that she can attend to learn about it. Maybe in a few years as they are more mature and have learned some basic golf rules and etiquette, they can try again. Even if you take them with just once or twice each year so that you can share this interest with them.

    For now, it is good that you have your golf and your retreat. The tdocs and other providers should realize that if you are to find an activity to use to bond with the kids, it should be something the kids love to do that you can do together. If they get bored easily, golf is not the activity to choose.
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    Laughter is the best medicine, even if it is dark-natured. I agree: This should be YOUR time to enjoy. This can be therapeutic on so many different levels! :D