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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by babyblue31, May 27, 2008.

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    Hello all today things are ok. He's watching nick jr. I know t.v.s not the answer but it gives me a little break. to cook lunch and clean. He really loves spongebob square pants. Spider Mans another one he really loves. I'm still not up to par yet, maybe tommrro. My boyfriend is driving me crazy, he hasn't gone to work in over 2 weeks and rents due next week, Plus car insuence. The phones are all ready turned off. I am being to think I'm depressed i find myself crying for no reason, I also feel like the worlds on my shoulders weighing me down.. I'm tired all the time, and i don't sleep well at night,I get up at least 4 to 5 times a night. GOD I really am a mess and need help!!!!!!!!! Well time for lunch check in later....:sad:
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    I'm sorry that things are not getting any better.

    I think that someone else mentioned adding a signature so that we will be able to know things like your difficult child's age, diagnosis's, rx's, treatments, siblings, others in the home, daycare/school, your job, etc. You can do this by clicking at the top left hand side of page where it says "USER CP". From there you click "Edit My Signature" and go from there.

    There are about 10,000 members on this board, and 500 or so post regularly. It would be helpful if we could get information about what has happened and what you have tried at a quick glance to differentiate you from the other people who post here.

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    Hi Baby Blue,

    In addition to making a signature, it would be wise to remove your son's picture for confidentiality reasons.
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    Hi Babyblue31! Do you have an "out"? What do you do for yourself?