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    Well, difficult child and I had a good and bad weekend. I mentioned that we were heading to an equine show this weekend. Well, we got a later start than I had wanted, but we made it to my mom's at a reasonable time. My mom decided she wanted to go out to dinner. OK, difficult child is fine with that. It is friday night and getting late. difficult child gets herself together quickly as she is really hungry. I get ready too, and we wait. Not sure what my mom is doing. Get to the restaurant, and it is packed. difficult child starts to complain so I quickly give her my phone and sit her in the corner. She manages to sit there quietly until we get a table. I ordered an appetizer which I never do, just to get some food into difficult child. Evening ended up well, and she held it together.

    Saturday morning we get up and get ready to go to the show. We are a little later starting out, but difficult child knew she would miss the first clinic and was fine with that. We pay and go in. We are not there very long, and difficult child said she couldn't see out of one of her eyes. (Oh no migraine!) So, we head to the bathroom hoping that it is just a floaty. Nope. Go to the info booth to find out where we can buy some advil. NO WHERE!! Ok, I buy her a soda hoping the caffeine would help. We try to trudge on. about ten minutes later she looks at me and says "I am going to throw up!" We run to the bathroom, and cut people in line. I felt bad but when I explained, people were more than nice about it. She cleaned herself up, and wanted to try to continue. We went to the first aid hoping to get some advil. Nope they have none. Leave that building, and she stands there panicing. She had to throw up again and froze not knowing where to go. I pushed her to the corner of the building. Decided then we needed to go to the car and at least rest. Once we got to the car, we thought it was best to head back to my mom's. Start the car, and am driving down the row, and she had to get sick again. Ugh. Just wanted to get home.

    I felt so bad for her. 1). She is obsessively afraid of throwing up. She has full blown panic attacks worrying about it. She will stop eating the minute she feels the slightest bit full to avoid getting sick. 2.) She had been looking forward to this show for a long time.

    But, I was so proud of her. She didn't freak out at all when she threw up. She stayed calm except for the time when she didn''t know where to go outside with no bathroom around. And, the most amazing thing was when I said I was sad that she didn't feel good, and I knew how much she was looking forward to it she said to me "It is OK mom. There is always next year."!!!!

    I about passed out when she said that. So, even though we didn't get to see much, we both learned alot.
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    WOw! That's amazing!!!

    The best of a bad situation!!! Bravo, difficult child!!!!
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    She's subject to migraines... and you don't carry medications with you 24/7?
    K2 isn't nearly as bad... and we don't dare go anywhere without.
  4. Well congrats to difficult child for handling herself so well, especially considering the circumstances.

    I suffer from migraines as does my daughter and I hate it when we get caught without Advil. Unfortunately, although we try, it does happen.

    She had a great attitude about the whole situation though and that is a really positive thing! Hope she is feeling much better now.
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    Just came in looking for an update, that's too bad what happened, but sounds like she did well!!
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    She did really well. It stinks that she wound up having such a bad migraine, but she handled both the crowded restaurant and not feeling well at the horse show as well as she could. Brave to her!!
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    She isn't really subject to them. We both on occasion will get them. There is no real trigger or reason for them. And I normally do have advil with me. And, that and some caffeinated soda do the trick if caught early enough. I just had an empty bottle in my purse. It happens. And who would think that you couldn't find any at a huge event? But, it was a good learning experience for her. And she handled it very well. My mom even mentioned when we were leaving that this was 2 trips in a row without any issues. She said that in the 12 years we have been gone she never remembers that. So, we are making progress. Baby steps.

    Now to get the grades fixed!
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    i hate that the weekend was upset by the migraine and I totally understand how they can upset your life. she did great at handling it and so did you. As fast as they can come one, have you considered talking to the dr about rx medication for them? Imitrex is the first medication approved for them and it is now generic sumatriptan. other trptans are also available. The first dose should be taken at home, and given her problem with vomiting she should probably take phenergan or another anti-emetic with it, as they can upset your stomach. that does pass, usually after 10-20 min.

    the reason I suggest a triptan like imitrex (others are frova, relpax, maxalt, etc) is that they don't just block the pain, they actually treat the cause of the migraine. It is a totally different type of pain relief. With advil you are often still sort of bracing against the pain though it is far more manageable. With imitrex you are not because the pain is completely gone. Imitrex comes in nasal spray and tablet, though with nasal spray you get a nasty taste in your mouth (upset my stomach far more than the medication did) and you also get fewer nasal sprays than tablets allowed per month and the sprays are more expensive. You get 9 tablets of imitrex per month on most insurances, and most docs won't approve more because more migraines than that truly need preventative medication/treatment.

    I know that imitrex is often used in kids. All 3 of my kids had a first migraine by age 4, Wiz by age 2, and they all had been given imitrex wtih dr' okay by age 6. I have taken it for 20 years and my mom close to that amt of time. I had to bully her into taking it but the relief she felt was astonishing. We both remember that first time and how strange it was to have a migraine and then suddenly just not have one.

    I don't know what all your daughter has tried for migraines, but it is a shame that they ruin so many things. she handled it awesomely, and that is a HUGe and AMAZING thing, but hopefully the doctor can help make these not ruin future outings.

    one thing to remember, usually someone in line in the bathroom has some advil or aleve. i have often asked to buy some from someone in line at an event if needed, and also had a lot of people offer. not the greatest solution, but one that mght help next time?
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    I have thought about talking to the doctor about imitrex. I used to have a script for it. It does work quickly. I just don't know if they would give it to her since they are not even once a month. But it can't hurt to ask.
    I wanted to ask the ladies in line, but difficult child was to freaked/embarrassed to let me.
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    Awful way to have a good outcome! so sorry she felt so awful but you must be really proud of how she (and you) handled it! Hope she does ok this week....