Good, Bad , and Ugly

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ShanDiann, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Good: difficult child had a great day at school came home on green and got all of his HW complete with me having to fuss :) 11 day down, 4 to go!

    Bad: Met with school today. They don't seem to think he needs a 504 or a BIP. They seem to think all his behavior is manipulative and he has complete control over it. So frustrated right now.

    Ugly: I cried during the meeting. Man it is hard to listen to them say certain things about your child.

    Our next step: We have a doctor's appointment on Thurs for a possible medication change. Asking him for written documentation that difficult child is in need of a 504.

    Again, i want to think everyone for all of their support. I am so thankful I found this board. As soon as I have something of value to post, I will begin posting on others threads
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    You can always request an IEP evaluation. They have to do the evaluation if you request it. Glad he had a good day today:)
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    ShanDiann, I cried in every IEP meeting I attended. Even when they told me positive things, I got teary. No shame in that. I always wanted to be more professional and together but this was my baby. Your love of your child and your need to assist him to function appropriately is overwhelming and to hear someone talk about the "deficits" in his ability to function are very scary.
    Let us know how things go this week.
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    IEP's are very stressful and even though I'm always well-prepared I feel so vulnerable, and sometimes it takes too many of my brain cells to appear composed throughout the meeting. I too get teary even when the meetings are going reasonably well.

    Keep your chin up -- you're doing great.