Good / Bad News for Molly

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    I *thought* I wrote a post, but evidently it got lost in cyber space somewhere.

    Good news: Blood test was neg for heart worms And her ears are doing MUCH better. No odor, no drainage, no more scratching them. :)

    Vet called tonight to check up on Molly. This surprised me. While she's an awesome vet, I've never had her do the oh, about 15 yrs I've been going there. She asked if her cough was gone and was concerned when I said it isn't. It's gone from a horrid sounding somewhat productive cough to a hunnah hunnah non productive at all cough. She asked how she's been feeling. I said she perked up quite a bit for quite a few days, but here the past 2 days she's not been feeling so the point of being downright crabby which is out of character for Molly. And her abdomen has been enlarged the past 2 days. (I'm looking at it now....yup, still that way) This made the vet even more concerned. So concerned she wanted her seen as soon as they could squeeze her in........which was mon afternoon, which I now have to cancel because it turns out I work. She wants to do xrays to see if she is indeed holding fluid in her abdomen and maybe why this is going on. And she wants to do blood work.

    She's been on a really strong antibiotic for 2wks. (it's scripted for 3 wks) There should be no more cough, or if there is one very mild and a once in a while thing. Plus she's had the steroids and finishes that on Saturday.....Vet is really worried that since heart worm came back neg.....that it is obviously not just a case of elderly chronic bronchitis. :(

    Not being able to make monday's appointment isn't a big deal (I told her when we made it I didn't know yet if I'd have to work or not), she already has one with Maggie on Wed. She'll just add a note to her chart to have her hubby vet do the xrays and bloodwork on Molly when he checks her after giving Maggie her shots.

    Molly's over the top crabbiness might also have something to do with the heat wave. But it's just not like her to be crabby, heat or not. This is our 3rd such heat wave and summer just started........and she didn't seem to have too much trouble with the other too. Hot but not overly so. She learned years also how to find the best position to have a box fan cool her......

    So back on the worry wagon we go. :sigh:
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    I'm sending many healing thoughts, positive vibes, and praying that Molly is OK... I know how much it hurts when a furry family member is sick. I know how much you love Molly... Waiting for answers is so difficult!! Thinking of you and sending many hugs your way... SFR