Good books for Letting go-Suggestions please

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by lupylisa, Aug 10, 2012.

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    So if you've read my posts below you will know I am just dying on the inside. This forum is so great for talking to others who have been there done that. However I was wondering if you all have read some good books that might help in our healing? Also what about NarcAnon or Parents Anonymous? Anyone had experience with these groups? Other suggestions?

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    I have no experience with NarcAnon or Parents Anon. however, others here do and seem to find value in those. I have gone to CoDa groups and have found them helpful. I think sometimes you have to shop around for these groups until you find one you feel comfortable in and it's a good fit with the other members. So, don't be discouraged if the first group is not your cup of tea, just keep going until you find one that is. Groups of any kind are so valuable because you really get to hear what others are feeling and how others handle these issues with our kids. You gain insight, support, encouragement, understanding, compassion, empathy and helpful information. I also found a Codependency program through the HMO I am a member of which has been remarkably helpful. Through it I am in a weekly group with other people most of whom are parents of kids who are either mentally ill like mine, or substance abusers. It's lead by a therapist who specializes in Codependency issues. I also am in private therapy with a therapist who specializes in Codependency issues as well. There isn't anything else I can do for my difficult child, but I can do a lot to help myself.

    This path we find ourselves on with our kids is fraught with unbelievable sorrow, anger, fear, resentments, etc. and I believe that getting as much support as possible makes it doable. Groups, therapy, this CD board, 12 step groups, books, friends who understand and are compassionate, writing in a journal about your feelings, it all helps. Get as much support as you can find, it will get easier as you do that. ((((HUGS))))
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