Good Chilly Tuesday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :ghost: :jack: Good Morning All :ghost: :jack:

    I am in my glory here this morning..... it is 34 degrees outside, the fire is blazing and the pumpkin coffee is fresh and hot! The only thing that would make this any better is if Rauol was sitting here with me :lipstick:

    Working this morning. Going to be a tough day. We have to fire our project manager today. It's been coming a couple months and he has been given chance after chance after chance. But, he is paid too much for us to keep him on and only get 50%. It's going to mean more stress on bonehead, but we discussed it at length yesterday and feel the money we will save will be worth it.

    easy child and difficult child are happy and getting ready from Halloween :vampire:. easy child is happy 'cause her boss gave her off Wednesday night. difficult child is happy 'cause there is candy and goblins in the air :frankenstein:

    Wishing you all a happy day without meltdowns, disappointments, and stress :thumbsup:


  2. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day Sharon, and all to follow.

    A blazing fire amid freezing temperatures - reminds me of New Zealand on our holiday. Lovely. And easy child 2/difficult child 2 is getting excited about Halloween too - not sure where/how she will celebrate since it's not an Aussie thing, but two sets of vampire teeth arrived by mail order for her today. She's got SOMETHING planned.

    A moderately quiet day today, not like yesterday's screaming rush. I'm still having some trouble adjusting to the early hours, but by the end of the week I should have adjusted to daylight saving. It was weird, though, coming home this afternoon in blazing sun where last week it was after sunset.

    We're making progress with difficult child 3 - he's been listening to "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" on the iPod in the car with me - we have the original radio series from the 70s. He liked the movie (after he'd seen it, with his eyes shut for most of it) and is getting the giggles in various places. And for a kid who avoids anything with 'story' because the conflict upsets him, this is amazing progress. The next step will be to show him the TV series (which was way better than the film ever could have been).

    We also ordered "Get Smart" which I hope begins to arrive soon, we ordered it months ago. He should enjoy that, too.

    Drama class today - no crisis this time. The girl who fell and gashed her leg last week - 12 stitches and a week off school. She was back at school today, on crutches. Not at drama this afternoon though.
    We got invited to a Halloween party - me and difficult child 3. We might even go, although it means the rest of the family having to get their own dinner. It will also get us out of the town for the local hooligans. The biggest drawback though, is one of the kids going there clashes a lot with difficult child 3. But this other kid wants to go because the hostess has bought 2 Kg of lollies and he's a Prader-Willi kid, anything to do with food and he'll be in it. His mother will be there but if this kid begins to tantrum, I'll have to drag difficult child 3 out of there fast before he joins in the meltdown.

    difficult child 3's costume - optional, but he does have a fairly effective Ring-Wraith costume from LOTR - very scary. I was going to get him to dress up and stay home, just answer the door in that costume when the bullies come round to visit.

    Hot weather again - they forecast storms but they either don't arrive, or they're dry. I'm pouring buckets of water onto the garden to keep it alive and it's only spring!

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  3. goldenguru

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    Good morning Sharon.

    Your morning sounds like something off the front of a picture postcard. Pumpkin coffee? I don't know if I would like that.

    Chilly here too.

    Laundry. Groceries. Some house cleaning.

    Exciting huh??

    Happy day to all.

    Morning Marg ... ya snuck in on me. LOL.

  4. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member


    it's pumpkin spice coffee - I don't really think there is any pumpkin in here - I should go read the lable. But it has mace, cinnamin, clove, etc. :jack: I think it's everything you would put in a pumpkin pie but the pumpkin. But I will check out the lable and let you know tomorrow for sure!

  5. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, we have the cool weather this morning - I don't have th fireplace to snuggle in front of though.

    Marg, the party sounds fund.

    GG, laundry & cleaning here as well - nothing happened here yesterday. The mind was willing, the body just not cooperating. LOL

    kt has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon. This morning a bit of cleaning & catch up on mail on my desk. Bills to pay & such.

    Enjoy your day - hope it's calm & filled with joy & love.
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning my friends. There is frost on the pumpkin for sure this morning. We went from a/c to heat with only a week in between for open windows and the top down on the car.

    Sharon, your morning sounds lovely. I'm working on getting the gas logs for an easy fire in the fireplace. It will be lovely on cold mornings like this.

    Marguerite, hope difficult child 3 has a fun time at the party.

    GG can you stop by and do a few of those things at my house when you are done with yours? :smile:

    I got a letter from a friend who told me her husband had surgery for prostate cancer. :crying: Reminds me again to appreciate every day I get and every day I get with the one's I love. News like this is a reality check for me. Keeps things in perspective.

    Have a good day. Tell someone important you love them.
  7. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

    I don't have time to respond to everyone individually today. However, Fran, I'm so sorry about your friend's husband...I'll be keeping him in my thoughts...

    Well, I've got to go - Have to deliver a note to the SPED department and get to work.

    Hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower:WFEN :autumn: :autumn:
  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Sharon, I wish I was at your house this morning, it sounds so cozy. You know who makes an awesome pumpkin latte? Startbuck - YUM.

    Marg, Get Smart was one of my favorite shows as a kid! Have fun at your Halloweenie party!

    gg & TM - have a good day doing chores. It actually sounds relaxing to me!

    Fran, prayers to you and yours. Sorry about your friend.

    WFEN - hugs and smiles.

    easy child and difficult child will spend the day together today. easy child is going to get her nails done before she returns to school and has to take them off (a month of bliss). difficult child has today off. I am at work, nothing special going on today. I will meet a person this evening who is buying some books from me. I will make a quick $20! Yeah.

    Have a good one, all!
  9. Pumkinpie

    Pumkinpie New Member

    Good Afternoon. HAHA Mornings are just o chaotic in this house. But the baby is feed Hubby still laying around and I havent even made a pot of coffee yet. Been chasing my insurance around trying to get my daughter's speech therapy preapproved. Tonight a Halloween party for her with Parents as Teachers. Had to cancel her in home visit yesterday because my house smells like a toilet.

    Baking pumpkin seeds from the jack o lantern we carved last night. I think "once I get a chance" Im gonna dress up today and finish the halloween decorations outside. HAHA yes its afternoon and I havent even ran a brush through my hair yet. But the phone is no longer glued to my ear, that will make it easier to get the tangles out.

    Good day Ladies