Good Christmas Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    I hope those that celebrate Christmas are having a great holiday; Happy Sunday to everyone else!

    We had a busy day yesterday: I still had wrapping and assembling cookie trays to do which is something I always have finished much earlier so that was a little stressful. Then we went to dinner with husband's family. mother in law is slipping mentally so that meant there was some... umm, "interesting" conversation at the table. We then stopped by a friend's house for a few drinks, stopped home to change clothes for church and went to the late service.

    I didn't get to bed until after 1AM and Duckie had us up at 5:15. Ugh! :coffee2:

    It was an odd year gift-wise because she didn't get any "toys" so to speak, but tween stuff like clothes and nail polish. Santa even brought her a bracelet and an I-Tunes gift card. She seemed a little disappointed until a box starting ringing from behind a table. She was very excited to get a cell phone, lol!

    So we are lounging today (or trying to do so) but Duckie is a little cagey from lack of sleep and too much anticipation. :xmasdancers: I just want more sleep, lol!

    Have a wonderful day. Set expectations accordingly. Laugh off what you can. :salute:
  2. cubsgirl

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    I'm glad you had a good Christmas morning TM.

    I overslept and won't make it to Church today - sigh - I just stayed up too late. Last night we went to mother in law's house. mother in law is a little demanding so the kids never enjoy it there but she got difficult child a punching bag for boxing practice. Oh boy. He loves it as does husband and easy child - I woke up to hearing the punching bag going this morning. LOL.

    I hope everyone has a peace-filled day.
  3. DammitJanet

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    Oh how cool TM...a cell phone! I really wonder how I am going to keep going with Keyana seeing how I have started so young with cell phones and tablets at the age of 5...lmao. What the heck do I do next? A car at 6?
  4. tiredmommy

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    Cubsgirl~ That sounds like an outstanding gift for a difficult child! Maybe it can be used a stress-reliever by the entire family, lol.

    Janet~ Here's a few tongue-in-cheek ideas that come to mind:

    Limo ride?
    Diamond studs?
    Tennis bracelet?
    Super Bowl tickets?

  5. Wiped Out

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    Merry Christmas!

    TM-I love how you surprised Duckie with-the cell phone!! I hope you get a chance for a nap today:)

    Cub's Girl-The punching bag sounds like a great success!!

    Janet-You crack me up-lol!

    difficult child was up at about 2 or 3 this morning. We kept trying to get him to go to sleep and he tried. Still about every 1/2 hour he was asking if it was time to get up. We had told him we would get up at 7:00 (Mom is sleeping on the couch in the living room).

    After present I made a big breakfast and now it is almost time to start with Christmas dinner.

    Wishing all peaceful moments throughout the day.
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  6. buddy

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    LOL, sounds like some busy mornings. Sharon, Q didn't fall asleep until then. Said he was itchy again! He got so nervous Santa wouldn't come if he coudn't fall asleep. I told him not to worry and just relax. He finally did sleep and that meant he stayed asleep till 8! That is a late Christmas at our house. He LOVES his galaxy player and he got some amazing things from Santa, especially loves some spy glasses that take pics and videos with night vision. He thinks he is really hot stuff. What I thought would be such a hard Christmas, thanks to the generosity of friends, a great sale and my Wells Fargo Rewards points (for the player) he had his best Christmas ever!

    I love that Duckie's phone rang like that ! What a great surprise
    Cub, what a way to punching, lol. Glad you slept in. HOpe the day goes well.
    Janet, love on your grands and kids.... Hope brother in law goes quickly and quietly into the

    Hope everyone celebrating Christmas today has as enjoyable a day as possible. Only on this site would I qualify it that way, lol. But honestly most people have some Christmas let down, and we just are lucky enough to be able to PLAN for it.

    Love to all of you, my greatest gift this year (along with Q's health improving) is to have found you all.