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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Dec 26, 2008.

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    It was a good xmas even though there wasn't much money, and I swear the darn holiday snuck up on me making it hard to get into the spirit like I usually am.

    Xmas eve was spent at easy child's baking cookies...choc chip, sugar, gingerbread, mincemeat, peanutbutter..... We gave mother in law's neighbors a gift of cookies this year as they've been really watching over her without ever being asked to. She has wonderful neighbors. And we wanted them to know we appreciate it. Also gave Nichole's boyfriend's parents a big container of cookies.

    Aubrey was too cute. She just kept decorating the same sugar cookie over and over and over again. Then eleborately looked around to see if anyone was watching her before biting off the foot of the gingerbread man. :rofl: I guess she just couldn't stand it anymore. This was her first year to really "get" the whole decorating part.

    Actually, this was the first year for her to really "get" xmas at all. So it was fun to watch her. When she opened her santa gifts she was unsure of what was expected. By the time it came to the family gifts later in the day.....we had all we could do to manage her excitement. She opened a FP castle from me and the poor kid nearly fainted. lol It was so funny. But nice that she likes it so much.

    This was Darrin's first year to begin buying presents for others. He saved his dollar a week allowance. He got as much, if not more, fun watching people open presents from him as he did opening his.

    Despite our rule of 1 gift opened at a time in order of age (which sister in law and Nichole's boyfriend can't stand) so they can be appreciated, our dinner itself was very casual. Ham, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, shrimp, ect but set up as potluck and served on disposable dinnerware. I wasn't worrying over cleanup after staying up until the wee hours of the morning wrapping presents. lol

    The day would've passed without incident. Except Nichole's boyfriend just had to show his gfgness and tick Nichole off. Which of course no one is allowed to have emotions except boyfriend, so it started a fight. The boy just can't let her enjoy anything. :mad: I didn't give them an audience. I told Nichole we'd meet them and mother in law's and left. Nichole and boyfriend showed up at mother in law's late but no longer fighting.

    So all in all, a good xmas. Although it sort of irritates me that now that I can have peaceful holidays with even my own difficult children that I now have to deal with Nichole's boyfriend acting like a major difficult child.:mad:

    Oh.....and I figured out how Mr. Rowdy is escaping his kennel!!!! :D Mr Onary had to be tied inside his kennel due to the rain. (with the door open so he couldn't hurt himself) And the dufus still went thru the "hole" he'd wedged into the side of the kennel. Since he was on his lead...I could see exactly where it was because the lead was threaded thru it. lol husband and Travis will be repairing it today and putting the tarps up. Yea!:D
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    All in all, sounds very nice. I love the little ones when they really "get it". Just wish it lasted longer.
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    I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

    FWIW, we always take turns opening presents either. We all like to enjoy watching each other open presents. Even when the kids were wee little, we did it this way.

    Sorry Nichole's boyfriend was being a butt. But, what else is new. :rolleyes:
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    It sounds like your family had a great day! There's nothing as precious as watching the little ones get such joy from everything.-Alyssa
  5. Andy

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    What a fun day! I would have loved to watch Aubrey open her castle. Priceless!

    It was so thoughtful of you to think about mother in law's neighors. I am sure it made them happy to know that you appreciate them.
  6. Jena

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    I'm glad you had a good day, watching little ones' is the absolute best, the wonder of xmas in their eyes, i love it!!

    The dog thing is pretty funny too. :)

    I"m sorry that their arguing affected it, but good for you that you left and said umm ok meet you there.

    overall sounds like a great day.