Good day so far for difficult child 2's play date

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gcvmom, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Many of our difficult child's have social skills problems and don't have a large circle of friends, if any. Mine is no exception. He invited about a dozen boys from school to his birthday party last month and only three came (and one was the teacher's son, so who knows if that was just a sympathetic show of support).

    At any rate, difficult child 2 was feeling down and a bit emotional last week because of his continued ostracizing by peers at school. The vice principal had set up a group game at recess and got a bunch of kids involved, including difficult child 2, but as soon as she left, they all abandoned difficult child 2. Then, when he left the area, they all got together and resumed the game. Kids can just be downright mean.

    So I suggested that he invite one of the boys who came to his birthday party over for a play date this weekend. He seemed doubtful the boy would want to, and I told him he wouldn't know until he asked. So he did, and the boy accepted, much to his delight.

    This boy is a bright, easy-going kid who is unpretentious and humble. He's known difficult child 2 for several years so it's a good, comfortable match. They're sitting together on the LR floor playing a Wii ATV game and seem to be enjoying themselves. I'm so happy for difficult child 2!

    The last play date he had last Spring he was very anxious and hypomanic at the time. He cried and obsessed over whether his room was clean enough before the kid came over and was up 'til after midnight worrying about it. Today he was MUCH more relaxed (had to remind him to tidy up -- much more like a "normal" kid). So that is another reminder that his medications are doing the job.
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    You're right that many of our kids struggle with socializing and maintaining friends. I'm so happy difficult child 2 is having a good time with his friend. This is definitely a reason to rejoice! Manster had an invitation for a playdate but chose to stay with his Uncle and play video games. I figured he's had a pretty successful week with starting swimming and using his coping skills so I'll let him enjoy some downtime.
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    Kids can be so vicious. I am sorry they treat your son like that at school. Glad his play date is going well!
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    My experince has been that difficult child deos much better in one on one situations than groups. It is repreive for now. Sheis having a freind stay over this weekend for several nights.
    I am suppporting her to deal with the stuff with volelyball team as sports are a needed physical outlet for her and a self esteem builder as she is very athletic. I am encouraging her to not be so cirtcal, judgmental and rejecting. that is all she can really conrol. Compassion
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    I am so happy for you and him!!! That is wonderful that things are going well. Good boost for your little guy. When my daughter was younger she had one friend who was similar to the friend your son has. She was very passive, laid back and tolerant. She and my daughter perfected their little dance. The girl knew how my daughter was and knew how to handle her. She knew to back off and let my daughter calm down and they would resume play. It worked well.

    Keeping my finger's crossed for more play dates to come. :)
  6. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    It's so nice to hear the good things!! So glad difficult child got a nice day out of it.
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    I hope that it continues,and they have other fun times. Yay for difficult child.
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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    So happy! Our kids need friends so bad. It just makes me so sad, we as parents know how much they want friends and what good friends they *could* be.
    Just hurts our Mommy hurts so bad at times.

    This is so nice to read.