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    A normal day starts out with me waking difficult child at 7:00 for school with a kiss and a cheerful hug. Within two minutes she is yelling and crying about having to get up and go down stairs and getting dressed. Same routine every morning. I've tried to change what I do but to no avail.

    Well, this morning she was going to be staying home because the preK was going to have thier Christmas party and they were going to have lots of sugary snacks and the teacher agreed that keeping difficult child home would be best. I had a wonderful day planned for the two of us. I woke her up the usual way but let her stay in her pj's for breakfast and that made her so happy. At one point, while she was eating breakfast, I slowly turned around from the doing dishes and said "uh, oh, I feel something happening" and I slowly walked over to her and bent down and gave her a great big hug and a kiss. Then I just turned and walked away. She said I scared her. I then went back to her and explained that I was going to do that all day. I was going to surprise her all day with hugs and kisses. And I have, too. Not only have I surprised her today, But she slowly snuck up on me and told me to bend down and she said. " I feel something happening to me mommy, and she gave me a big kiss and a hug and was even rubbing my back as she gave me a hug. It was the most awesome feeling!

    Oh, how they surprise us sometimes!

    We go to church on Wed. nights and she belongs to a Prek class. Believe it or not there is a little girl who is a whole lot worse than she is, actually she is an angel at church in class! But she made a comment that "K____y is a naughty girl, she doesn't behave in class, she doesn't listen at all". I thought that was good that she could recognize that in someone else, I think I will use that example next time she displays some of that behavior at home and see if she can recognize herself. We just got a video camera and if I can catch that behavior on film and show it back to her I think she can see herself misbehaving the way K____y does. Has anyone tried this with their difficult child? Has it worked?

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    I had thought about doing a video, but sadly our camera is quite old - got it when she was a baby and the battery is no good. But I did take a snapshot once when she was in a rage and showed it to her later. We actually had quite a conversation about it. Don't know how much she retained of that talk, but it was an interesting experience.

    Glad to hear the mommy/difficult child day went so well for you!!
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    i'm glad to hear your day went so well, it sounds like you made a real effort to make it special and she responded perfectly. that is great, and yes they certainly can surprise us at times, thank goodness lol. :)

    As far as the video tape i've taken them with my cell in the morning when she's really been rough yet i've never shown them to her at all. never thought of it actually, its an interesting idea. i do it more for the school and protecting myself when difficult child used to go in late to school and school was blaming me